Kontakt 5 & 6 no GUI in Cubase 10

Does anybody else has problems with Kontakt 5/6 in Cubase 10?
If I open the project with 9.5 everything seems to be fine, in Cubase 10 theres no GUI when opening Kontakt, you can hear only the loaded instrument. After 1min or so the whole PC freezes. Also reloading Kontakt without any instrument/Library does not work.
It looks exactly like this: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/user_images/qiSOWJPdLG-cQuv1HMdfgQ.png
Also tried to reinstall Kontakt, even tried with Kontakt 6.
In Cubase 9.5 there arent any problems at all.

im using Cubase 1o and kontakt 6 no gui issues but Cubase 10 crashes

Check your VST plug-in paths for Kontakt. Make sure Cubase only sees one version of the .dll file (the 64 bit version).

Thanks for the suggestion, but It seems there is only one version, if I copy the .dll aside there is no Kontakt plugin loaded in Cubaseā€¦

No problems with Kontakt here. And no crashes so far.

Just tried to download the free Kontakt player. Same issue there!

I am using Kontakt 5 with Cubase Pro 10, no issues so far.
Try disabling the HDPI mode. Though I run with HDPI on.

Resolved the issue. It was my local firewall blocking every in/outgoing connection. After putting Cubase10.exe on the whitelist kontakt loaded up the gui. Thanks to everyone who tried to help!