kontakt 5 and cubase can't load samples from media

hi to all

i’d like to know why when i use a kontakt in cubase is not possible to load my library samples in the sampler…

i don’t talk about to load the samples from kontakt browser…but i’m talking about to load 1 or 50 sample into kontakt from media library (F5 in cubase 6)…when i select the samples in the library and i try to load into kontakt, the program don’t want to put the samples into sampler

i see another probelm like that with groove agent one but, when i press SHIFT OR Apple butotn cubase show me a green plus (so i can import the samples)…with kontakt this trick don’t work!!! why!!!

is there a chance to use kontakt with media library ?(by me the library is the top for scan samples and to find samples quickly)…i see that in Ableton live and logic this operation is possible…

so i hope in a future fix from steinberg to make cubase expereience more easy and fast

hope someone of steinberg staff read this post

thank you.


is there anyone who have this problem with kontakt in his session work???

or all use the kontakt browser to select a sample?!?!?!?!

no working here but if you change the letter or name of your sample disk that’s don’t work

but i see that some samples can’t load into groove agent…so by me is a serious problem of software…why all big music software support this???..and why the native drumbox of steinberg can’t load all waves??

i bought cubase because by me is a great sefotware with a great audio engine…but when i see this…i can’t believe that!!!

CUBASE 6 DON’t SUPPORT DRAG AND DROP and don’t have a SAMPLER to load samples!!..
halion se is nice but don’t support audio waves…

i can’t rename all samples…i can’t become crazy…

i really hope that steinberg decide to fix this problem…it’s absurd!