Kontakt 5 crashes Cubase

I play a few notes on a Kontakt track, Cubase freezes. Midi still seems to work, but audio / all sound fails. I thought it might be a lack of memory issue, but it still happens with my VST performance at 10 %.
Any suggestions?


Looking at your workstation specification, i dont think whether its RAM or CPU that causing the issue…I think its Kontakt that is not working smooth with Cubase cause i also had experienced several issues when i loaded a Kontakt player to the ongoing project.

My technician noticed my Vienna Ensemble software was 18 months out of date. Trying that.

Updated Vienna Ensemble - Kontakt still crashes Cubase. To be honest, Kontakt has never really worked with Cubase since I upgraded to C6 18 months ago.
Not sure where to go.

“Native Instruments” tech support.

Yep. Fair enough.

also having some issues w/ K5 (most probably not RAM-related as they’re sometimes happening in an empty project with a single sample loaded in K5). i get a crash sometimes when K5 is jBridged, too. do you have K4 to try and possibly roll back to?

No I don’t, but I did narrow the issue down to some Kontakt / Akai file conversions… Not sure if there could be a bug in this process sometimes?
Now I’ve reloaded Komplete (time consuming!) and ditched the Akai converts, all is stable … For tonight at least. Kontakt is sensitive IMO!

Hi Neil

I have a very similar system as you, and have experienced the same issue that you have!

I noticed that if I increase my buffer settings above 128 or 256 samples… Kontakt 5 will start working again without having to restart Cubase!

I especially have this problem when using Studio Drummer within Kontakt!

I believe you are right that Kontakt is sensitive… and possibly a resource hog!

I know we have super-fast hardware, but if the software isn’t optimized… it won’t make any difference!