Kontakt 5 destroys Cubase

I’ve been using Cubase 7 for about a week now and Kontakt 5 seems to absolutely destroy me!
It worked fine in Ableton and FL Studio, but whenever i use it in cubase i get insane cpu usage and loads of popping etc.
Pc Specs:
intel i7 2700k @ 3.50ghz
8gb memory
1tb 7200rpm HDD
cubase 7.0.1

Anyone know of this problem?

I have similar pc spec to yours. no problems for me running kontakt 5. should add though that I tend to run my system at 1024 samples latency because I use melodyne and that is their preffered setting. I go down to lower latency if needed for playing in vst parts and still no problem. check your kontakt streaming settings. also; try using batch resave. it loads patches faster once done. ed

no problem here too with multiple kontakt !

absoultely fine here too, I have an I5 but otherwise pretty close specs

Running on an Windows 7 …i7 setup with 16gb of ram…7200 rpm drive… when I change between sounds in the reaktor or even within Cubase padshop I get an awful loud half second noise … I have had some static pops using reaktor in a live set…

Anyone have a suggestion to fix this loud half second digital noise when switching between sounds? This does not happen in Ableton using same sound card the Steinberg ur824 and at 128 buffer setting.


Just a shot in the dark but check your buffer settings AND your DFD settings in Kontakt if applicable.

Found the fix… something I did not have to do with my other sound card Tascam US-1800 but did with this Steinberg UR824… simply… disable the built in audio card on my laptop… WOW so simple… no more annoying clicks or pops in either Cubase 7 and Ableton Live 8 running the Kontakt Reaktor and 5 player.


I was having problems with kontakt 5 where it would take up pretty much the whole memory causing a bunch of clicks and pops. I found out that Cubase wasn’t reading the 64-bit version of kontakt and was instead using the 32 bit. Maybe check there and make sure you are running the 64-bit version, or you will probably run into problems like you are describing.

and maybe rename your thread to Kontakt 5 doesn’t destroy Cubase!