Kontakt 5 outputs

Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded from Kontakt 4 to 5 and there seems to be a difference in the outputs. When I open the VST Instruments window and click on the output activation tab, there are only 4 stereo outs and the rest are mono outputs for Kontakt 5, so now I have to open 2 mono for each channel so I can hear the whole instrument in stereo. In 4 there used to be many more stereo outputs. Is there a way to change this?


That’s a surprise. What you describe is exactly what I’m used to seeing on both Kontakt 4 and 5. K5 definitely has that crazy combination of stereo pairs and mono outs that have no necessary relation to their real purpose. But I learned how to wire up Kontakt with K4 and I remember having to go through all that jazz then as well.

In fact I once wrote a tutorial on how to wire Live up to Kontakt 4, and this little chart shows how I had to map the Kontakt outs to Live tracks:

I wonder why the outputs appeared differently to you before?

In Kontakt’s output section:
Add Channels -> set quantity (amount of outputs) -> set number of channels (2 for stereo) -> select first soundcard or host output you want to use -> tick Ascending output assignment -> tick delete existing channels (if prefered) -> tick make default (or use “save current output section state as default for” -> VST plug-in, after the next step) -> OK -> re-load Kontakt 5 <— important.

If all worked as expected you should now have all the outputs present.

Or drop this attachement in: _%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\default_ (on Win7 that is)
Kontakt_5_outputs_vst_28st_4Aux.zip (522 Bytes)

Or you can use Kontakt 5 16 Out, which offers more outputs (stereo).

You still have to set up the output config, and you’ll only have 4 instead of 28 stereo channels.

Thanks about the file. It made my world much easier. :smiley:


You’re welcome, glad it works :sunglasses: