Kontakt 5 Spot Light String skin loading trouble - SOLVED

Hey Buds,

I’m having an issue with Kontakt 5 and my Kirk Hunter Spot Light Strings Library.

As you can see by the attached photo, the skin doesn’t load in correctly.

Doesn’t make any difference whether in Cubase or in Kontakt 5 stand alone - same thing.

All else does and plays fine, including both Concert Brass 2 and Concert Strings 2 libraries [and their skins] that I also have.

Kirk Hunter has been helpful by supplying some folders including the ‘Resources’ and the background skin, but it turns out that I had all these files already and in the right places.

I do have a question: The main background/skin photo - is it supposed to be a .PNG file?

If so, then there’s most likely my trouble.

If not, let’s move on.

So then I’m wondering if it’s something with Kontakt 5.

Now - some recent history, I did have this loaded in correctly a month ago using the same saved install files from my external storage USB 3.0 drive, and it was fine, but I had to move the entire library to a larger drive because I was re-saving the files once loaded in, and ran out of space.

So I had just deleted the library from that full drive - [but now wish I hadn’t].

Has anyone else had this?

I feel that it must be something simple since it was working a month ago, and all else works ok.

I’ve also taken the advice from the NI forums from a different post, which is to delete the 3 files in Users > AppData > Native Instruments > Local > Db > x , x , x, just for something to try.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks Buds,


Ok, I’ve figured out what’s going on and have solved this.

For anyone else with the same problem, try this:

  1. In the ‘Resources’ folder, I had another Resources folder.

I thought that Kontakt 5 may not have been able to navigate into both Resource folders.

So I cut the contents out of the second folder, and placed them into the first one, then deleted the second folder altogether.

This then displayed the actual instrument pictures once one instrument was loaded into Kontakt 5 - ie: Violins - the Violin graphics appeared, as did all other graphics - but still not the dark green background image.

  1. I then clicked on the wrench icon at the top left of the loaded instrument, and then ‘Instrument Options’ - and there was the problem.

    In the ‘Instrument’ category, there was a entry called ‘Wallpaper’ but it’s content read none.

I clicked ‘Browse’ beside it and navigated to the ‘pictures’ folder in the ‘Resources’ folder, and loaded the appropriate image, which for Violins, Violas and Cellos, is the main .PNG image of 4 spotlights.
For the Basses, there is a second .PNG image beside it, showing only 2 spotlights, because only 2 Basses will load in.

  1. I then re-saved each instrument.

That’s what worked after closing and reopening Kontakt 5 and after a computer restart as well.

Hope that helps the next guy, if there happens to be another who faces this.

Yay! Now give the fat kid another doughnut - or something for his efforts - and so he’ll stop talking for a little while as well. :confused: