Kontakt 6.7 does not work on my 16" Macbook pro. Am I the only one?

Honestly, I don’t understand this crashlog. I can tell you I have never had Finale installed before Finale 27 trial, and Kontakt has never behaved like that before I updated to 6.7. And Kontakt 5 does not list any Garritan library on my computer, so why would Kontakt 6.7? It makes no sense.
I’ve been deleting every file related to Finale and it has changed nothing.
Now I am trying to update from Big Sur to Monterey (last MacOS system, since Kontakt 6.7 has been out for one week). I’ll let you know how that goes.

Well, I’m afraid I am just as stumped as you are. You may just have to wait for an answer from NI, then. And be patient; they can take their time :cry:

When was the last time you did a fresh install?

Might be due, I do a full cleaning every so often.

Clean install? You mean, delete every Kontakt thing and reinstall? I’ve done this twice today.
I’ve just upgraded to Monterey. Same crash, with same cause in the crashlog. That 6.7 has a need for Finale GPO 2.0 that I do not understand.

Have you updated the Kontakt Database? Or removed outdated file paths for that?

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There is a bug with 6.7. It can be fixed by deleting the kontakt database, it is in the folder users/yourname/appdata/nativeinstruments/kontakt/db, On windows you can safely delete everything in that folder. If kontakt then works, you might occasionally have to delete that if it crashes again till NI fixes it. AFAIK they are aware already.

Edit Ah on mac it is /Users//Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Kontakt/Db/kontaktdb2_56 that file only or all if you back up.


Thanks @vinark for this advice… but alas it still does not work. I just uninstalled everything, including that entire Kontakt folder. But once it’s reinstalled, the behavior is the same. No matter if I delete the folder or not.

I think you will have to wait for 6.7.1 or ask NI where to download 6.6.1, you can ask on the kontakt forum.

I just got in touch with ni help, via email. I followed the steps (basically the same as yours) and, no wonder, it does not work… So I asked for a link for another version, I hope it won’t last another 24h…
Where is kontakt forum? The only one that appears when I google that is closed…

Need to log in with your NI account, not your old forum account

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Sometimes you can also chat with NI support

I kinda solved the issue deleting an unused account on my computer (which was empty, but kontakt was looking for the Finale GPO file there too…)
But after using that new kontakt 6.7 instrument (with Spitfire Solo Strings) for one or two minutes, Dorico crashed.
Here’s a link to the Dorico Diagnostics zipped folder. I hope it can help.

I have Kontakt 6.7 crashing problem on my “MacBook pro 16 m1 pro” too