Kontakt 6.7 does not work on my 16" Macbook pro. Am I the only one?

Just wondering whether other mac users experience the same — and maybe found a solution. I tried and reinstall every Kontakt thing on my machine, but alas it still stalls Dorico and I am not able to open it in Cubase either.

I don’t have full Kontakt 6, I don’t think, but Kontakt Player 6 seems to work OK for me on my M1 Mac.

Ok… I don’t know what’s going on here. Everytime I choose the new kontakt plug-in in Dorico, it becomes irresponsive and I get the spinnng wheel, with no other choice than force quitting. I’ll add a diagnostic file if that helps.
Dorico diagnostics

Hi @MarcLarcher , there are a bunch of crash files in the diagnostics, and it is pretty clear. Kontakt throws an exception and aborts because it can’t access a specific file. From the crash dump:

terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::filesystem::filesystem_error: boost::filesystem::status: Permission denied: “/Users/marclarcher/Documents/Finale GPO 2.0/”

Thank you so much, dear Ulf! Funny enough, this file does not exist on my machine. But I could find a native-instrument xml file from 2006 (!) that mentioned that file, so I deleted that and uninstalled again all about kontakt.
[Some time later]. Uninstalled everything. Reinstalled kontakt. Same crash. What on earth is Finale GPO 2.0??? And how can I get rid of this problem?

I’ve no idea, whatsoever. Maybe better to ask Native Instruments.

Garritan personal orchestra.


This is something I never had!

Thanks Ulf, I will do!

Might have been included in some earlier Finale installation.



Thanks. As far as I remember, the only time I installed Finale was when Finale 27 trial offered some SMuFL fonts… But I don’t remember anything about Garritan instruments. And Kontakt did work flawlessly (well, as flawlessly as it could). Now it’s perfectly unusable. I have raised a ticket at NI and will report back as things will (hopefully) improve.
[Edit]: already too much time wasted on this. I got rid of kontakt 6.7, which is clearly the culprit here. Alas I could not find an older version. Kontakt 5 works ok, but not with the patches I built with my former kontakt 6 version. I’m still waiting from N.I.'s support.

If you are able to open the Kontakt standalone, click the gear icon at the top (Options), select Libraries and untick Finale GPO 2.0. With a bit of luck that might fix the issue.

Thanks, I will try that. My experience (since 6.7) is that sometimes, the standalone app opens and asks me about my sound card, sampling frequency… but most of the time, the icon jumps in the dock and the app quits unexpectedly.
Just wondering whether there’s a legal way to download 6.6.x, the only versions I see on the internet seem to be links to cracked versions (which I do not want, since they can mean trouble and I am a legit user).
[Edit] The last download of Kontakt 6.7 does not let me open it… But Kontakt 5 standalone opens fine, and I can see the libraries there. No Garritan library in my computer (as expected). I really don’t understand what’s going on.

If the above mentioned method fails and you are on Windows, you could try to uninstall Finale GPO. In “Apps and functions” (I believe it is called) uninstall “Native Instruments Finale GPO 2.0.”

Edit: I see you mention dock. That probably means MacOS, in which case I can’t help with uninstalling it.

The real problem I have is I cannot uninstall something that I never installed in the first place!

But you did install the Finale trial? I think the Finale installer might have installed Finale GPO as well. Finale GPO is for Finale what Halion Symphony Orchestra is for Doerico.

Yes, I know that. I don’t recall the process when installing Finale, but I am pretty sure I chose the most light version possible, without sounds, only the fonts…
In any case, I tried opening Kontakt 6.7 in Cubase 11 and it crashes too. The only thing is I don’t know where to look to find the diagnostic files from Cubase, and I search the forum but no luck until now.

I just remembered something. Finale no longer uses Kontakt Player for its sounds. It uses the Aria Player and has (probably) done so since GPO 5, which is based on the Aria Player, came out some years ago. So, at some point in your past you must have had a previous version of Finale installed, I would imagine. One that still used the Kontakt Player. Otherwise, I don’t really see how Finale GPO 2.0 could have found its way on to your system. Does that make sense?

I think Finale GPO 2.0 has simply never ever been on any of my computers (since 1986…) and Kontakt is just looking for it for a reason :person_shrugging:

Ghost In the Machine? Of course, if you have never, ever had Finale installed, then it is truly a mystery. If, on the other hand, you had a version of Finale, that came out late 2Ks to early 2K10s, installed, then the installer might have installed the registration parts of Finale GPO even though you chose not to install the library sounds.
Please, bear with me. I’m just musing aloud here. The Kontakt Player version of Finale GPO is a rather old library and Kontakt 6 much newer. I don’t really see the latter hauling Finale GPO out of thin air.