Kontakt 6 Problems in Cubase 11

Hello and thanks for your time!

I currently purchased the Cinematic Studio Solo Strings and now I am using them in Cubase.
First of all, my problem only occurs when I am in Cubase as the standalone Kontakt seems to work properly.

However when I am in Cubase, load the instrument (it doesn’t matter if Violin1/Violin2/Viola/etc.) and move one of the mic position faders, panning knobs or attack/release of the Sustain/Tremolo/Harmonics/Trills Articulation, all of them move simultaneously.
The weirdest part is when I load multiple instances of the instruments into one Kontakt instance, all the faders of all CSSS instruments are moving as well.
Also the modulation wheel next to the piano is moving simultaneously. However the difference with the modulation wheel is, that my moving of it doesn’t change any of the parameters other then the modwheel itself. Actually I went through all 128 Midi CCs to find a macro but none of them changed the parameters. They are only changed if I’ll drag them with the mouse in Kontakt.

If I load other similar instruments like the usual Cinematic Studio Strings into the same Kontakt instance, they are working properly without any problems. It seems to be only a problem with the Solo Strings.

I’d be grateful for any help somebody can offer me. It seems to be a very weird problem but I am quite new to Kontakt and don’t know where to start troubleshooting as I didn’t find any similar problems on the internet so far.

I linked a picture showing how everything is maxed out.


Given that all your other Cinematic Studio Strings instruments are working correctly, this is most likely not a Cubase issue. I would contact the developer of Cinematic Studio Strings (NOT Native Instruments) and let them know what you are experiencing.

Hi Thomas, did you find any solution for this? I’m facing the same problem and can’t find any leads on how to solve it. Thank you!