Kontakt 6 UI [HiDPI] Still Broken Especially With New Option Enabled

Cannot believe they still not sorted out the issues with HiDPI. Only reason I am waiting for new versions

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Eh, I get these issues with Studio One as well. HiDPI is NOT perfect on S1.

The “Allow Window to be Resized” option is set at an individual plug-in basis, however, I think once you turn it on for a specific kind of plug-in, all subsequent created instruments of that plug-in will have this option enabled unless you change it back. Generally, this makes sense and should be the desired behaviour of the user.

Have you been able to reproduce this issue in Cubase 11? I have worked with Studio One at a friend’s house and have never experienced the plug-in UI being that corrupt! Actually, I did not experience any unwanted appearance issues with S1; though they do tend to use thin lines and thin fonts at many places, which I did not like so much.
I agree that HiDPI is often the cause of visual glitches, but the current appearance of Kontakt 6 in Cubase is horrendous when working at a 4K screen having HiDPI enabled. Kontakt 6 is one of the most popular samplers… I wonder how all the film scoring people deal with this.

:astonished: really, that’s the main reason i bought the upgrade today, hdpi in kontakt and most of UAD. Not to mention I still wait for the servers to become available…

Yes, this was also my most anticipated fix. Could you please test this once your C11 is running, and then report back here if you experience the same issue with Kontakt? Just to be sure the error is not on my side.

Not working in C11: as soon as the feature for scaling is activated, Kontakt enlarges its GUi but the window itself does not
(so parts of Kontakt not visible and super blurry)

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Same problem here :frowning:

Yes pretty disappointing, this was one of main reasons I bought the update. It also happens with other NI plugins & ozone 9, but ozone 6, trash 2, ezdrummer 2 & amplitude 4 scale just fine. I really hope we don’t have to wait unil 11.5 for this to be sorted. I thought that a plugin as popular as kontakt would be a priority when it came to hidpi compatibility.

So I can confirm Kontakt 6.4 still small on 4K ;( Scaling it makes it unusable… damn

Uad plug-ins work, bit blurry thou.

Hi all,

We are in contact with our friends at Native Instruments and they are working on a solution. More details will follow soon.


All the best,

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some similiar issues here. Check this guys.

But it is nice to finally have that option to resize (double size) the old nonHiDPI plugins. Love that option. Steinberg, big Thumbs Up for that!!! (even it is pretty buggy now)

Same here! :frowning:

One of the best announcements of this year. Thanks for the info!

Great news indeed!
Hope they get it sorted at NI before the end of this year, as stated on their site.

Excellent news!! Can’t wait to stop squinting :smiley:

AAwwwhh, still no update on this from NI, was hopeful it would be fixed before the end of the year

Yep, same problem still here in Sept 2021, with Cubase 11.0.30 and Windows 10.

Any updates here? I’m running Kontakt 5 (full) and Cubase 11… does Kontakt 6 and/or Cubase 12 resolve any of this? Many thx

Kontakt has been updated to fix this.

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