Kontakt 6-Volume/Panning Automation not working in Cubase 8.5 (Mac)

Hi, I’m having issues with some of the instruments loaded in one instance of Kontakt 6.

Albion One and Action Strings work fine. I can automate the panning/volume on a midi track in Cubase.

But with String Ensemble, Horn Essential, Woodwind Ensemble, and Flute Essential don’t work at all. I can move the faders in the Kontakt rack and get results but not in a Cubase midi track.

I’ve gone to the “Instrument Options” - page, Controller tab and activated/deactivated the “Accept standard controllers for Volume and Pan” button numerous times to no avail.

What am I doing wrong? Why would some instruments work and others don’t? This is very frustrating.

Thanks for your help. Jeff

Okay, I’ve had some success. I found the Midi Automation tab in the Kontakt interface. I noticed some of the instruments that were giving me problems were not assigned a CC command.

I see that modulation wheels usually send MIDI Controller #1, while volume controls send #7.
What about Panning? Is it usually assigned to #10?