Kontakt 7 audio routing limitations in Dorico 5

I’ve been struggling to create a project in Dorico 5 for the new Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra. For some reason Kontakt 7 is not able to route all the instruments of a single load to the correct mixer channels in Dorico 5. The first 6 instruments are routed correctly but beyond that for each additional instrument I load the Dorico mixer channel for that instrument shows no display although the master channel does play the audio of the correct instrument. Within Kontakt 7 the individual audio channels display for each instrument just fine (batch function used to output each instrument on a separate channel) but the message is not getting through to Dorico 5 for some reason. Unless I can find a workaround I think the only alternative will be to have a dedicated Kontakt 7 for each instrument in SSO which seems extremely inefficient. I now regret upgrading to the new SSO.

I doubt there’s anything special about Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra that would have any impact on how you can set up routing in Kontakt. There’s no smart connection between any plug-in (Kontakt or otherwise) and the channels that appear in Dorico’s Mixer: Dorico simply assumes that if you have MIDI channels 1 through 16 routed to Kontakt, the audio for each of those channels will be returned on the corresponding numbered output. But there’s no way for Dorico to interrogate Kontakt to determine if that is the case.

But provided you adjust the settings in Kontakt such that you do indeed have MIDI channel 1 return on output 1, MIDI channel 2 on output 2, and so on, everything should match up reasonably well.

That’s a perfectly reasonable assumption. My comment was aimed at Native Instruments as I have not experienced the same problem in Dorico 5 with other sample libraries. When I was using the Kontakt 6 Player everything worked normally and Dorico recognised the audio channels for every instrument loaded in a single endpoint list. Then I up-graded to the full Kontakt 7 so I could use sample libraries not available in the Player version. That seems to be when things changed but I didn’t notice it at the time as I wasn’t using Dorico for a while. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have now adopted the single Kontakt 7 for every channel approach and the SSO project I’m working on presently is handling the audio routing without any problems. Nevertheless, at some point I will come back to test the original approach again. Maybe there’s an adjustment I need to make to Kontakt 7 in order to make it work the way I want it to. For instance, the settings in SSO (barely visible at the bottom rh corner of the SSO instrument display) require changing in order to use UACC . It’s quite possible these also influence the way audio is routed to Dorico 5. Thanks for replying so quickly Daniel.