Kontakt 7 impossible Copy Paste

Has anyone else had problems with this in Kontakt 7 (latest version)
I can’t copy or paste nothing in Kontakt, lets say if I want to copy the library file name to the track name in cubase… nothing happen, no problems at all with Kontakt 6.
Mac Mini m1 Max, native mode.


If the change happened in Kontakt from version to version, I would recommend to get in contact with NI. The unwanted change has to be on their side.


did you get to the bottom of this Pablo? Same problem here.

Latest versions of k7 and Nuendo 12 and nothing change…
In pro tools and logic it works as expected.

hi! Has anyone found a solution to this or a workaround - kinda annoying that you can’t copy and paste the name of the instrument…

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I’m totally agree, the same happens with omnisphere and Sine, you have to type the entire library name…a pain…

I can confirm this bad issue in Kontakt 7 with Cubase 13. And also is bad with Kontakt 7 and Logic 10.7.9 :slightly_frowning_face:

Kontakt 7 and Cubase 11 works as expected (copying the patch name and pasting in the track name).

I have an open ticket with NI. Let see what they say.

It seems to me to have something to do with the graphic handling of “modern” changes that are in Logic and Cubase 13 and Kontakt 7: when I click Command+C to copy I see that the (Edit) menu of the DAW as if the shortcut speacks to the DAW instead of with the little plugin Window of Kontakt 7.

In Kontakt 6 this was not happening and worked great, and also Kontakt 7 with Cubase 11 works as expected!!!
All this

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Native instruments know about it, I’ve opened a ticket last week and they’re trying to fix this bug.


I received a couple of days ago a message from NI about this bug/problem in my open ticket. Hopefully will be resolved in the next update:

Ross @ NI (Native Instruments)
Feb 19, 2024, 17:36 GMT+1

Hi Christian,

To keep you in the loop. A report has been made regarding this feature.

Currently the development team do not have a date they can communicate as to exactly when it will be implemented. Any new features that appear within Kontakt will be available to download through the Kontakt update within Native Access. You can see exactly what’s included within an update by looking at the change log for the product.

I apologise for the inconvenience.
Best regards,
Ross @ NI

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I can confirm that the issue is solved in Kontakt 7.9 :slight_smile:

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