Kontakt 7 opens up much slower in Cubase 13 than Cubase 12 and other DAW

I know that Kontakt 7 can be slow, especially the first time opening. But, it opens up more than twice as slow in Cubase 13 (.0.40) than in Cubase 12 (.0.70) and Vienna Ensemble Pro. The latter two have a similar opening speed.

I’m using the VST3 version on all occasions. An Intel-based Mac Pro 2019 with MACOS Ventura.

I wonder why anyone else experiences the same and I wonder why. As a matter of fact, I suspect that Cubase 13 is slower than Cubase 12 on all occasions.

On Windows 10 here, dropping K7 onto a track takes 7 seconds the first time and 3 second subsequently.
Cubase 13.0.40
Kontakt 7.10.1 VST3

How quickly Kontakt opens depends also on how many libraries you have installed. So a how-many-seconds comparison is meaningless.

In my case, it’s the same Kontakt with the exact same amount of libraries, on the same machine. That’s why I know that Cubase 13 loads much slower than 12.

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There’s no objective information in your original post to go on, so I thought I was being helpful in providing something to compare with. Good luck figuring it out.

Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for chiming in.

There are numerous threads in many forums about k7 slow load times as well as more recently K6, guitar rig, and battery 4.

Of course it depends on how large of library you have.

This is for both stand-alone and VST3.

Anyone desiring more infirmation can simply google “kontakt7 slow load times.” There are many pages at NI as well as posts at Gearslutz and VI control.

From what I gather, plus the thread with many pages at NI, this started over a year ago with K7.

I dont think this is a Steinberg issue, and dont want to pollute this forum with more thread links and specifics when similar ones already exist, even here.

You miss the point.

The point is not Kontakt being slow, it’s Cubase 13 being much slower than Cubase 12 and other hosts like VEPro. So yeah, it’s definitely a Steinberg issue.

And the problem exists not only with Kontakt. Other plugins like Omnisphere also open up much slower in Cubase 13 than in Cubase 12.

Terms like “slower” and “twice as slow” are relative. How long does it take to open in Cubase 12, and how long does it take to open in Cubase 13?

If you make some measurements (in seconds) and post them here, along with the exact steps to reproduce them, at then perhaps someone with the same kit as you might be able to do the same and reproduce the results. That would give the devs something concrete to go on.

If it really is an issue specific to Cubase 13, then providing that type information is the only way you get any notice in a bug report.

Here, C13 with K7 and C12 with K7 have very similar load times. They are both unreasonably long. I don’t use Omnisphere or VEpro.

I don’t notice any slower initial VSTI load times with any other applications. All Arturia, Uhe, Gforce loading the same regardless if its loaded in C12 or C13.

However load times for VSTpresets, track presets, can be horrible in C13 but that depends on the state of C13 MediaBay.

It may help by putting your OS in your profile. As it stands, no one even knows your OS version.

Kontakt 7 took less than 10s in C12 (and in VEPro) to open, and 20+ seconds in C13. I didn’t include it because everyone has a different baseline. Mine is relatively long as expected because I have a lot of libraries. But here you go.

Also, I have already included my OS information in the first post. Again it’s: An Intel-based Mac Pro 2019 with MACOS Ventura.


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Thanks for sharing. It might be an Intel-based Mac issue I guess.