Kontakt 7 VST not appearing in Cubase Pro 12

Hi All!

So, I just purchased Kontakt 7, but when attempting to use the player, it’s not appearing as one of my available VSTs.

I looked at the VST Plug-In manager to confirm that Cubase recognizes the VST, and it appears that does.

However, when attempting add the VST to my project, it’s not available.

I double checked that it’s not on the blocked list as well. I’m sure it’s something simple and I’m just overlooking, but I’d appreciate the assistance.

Thank you all in advance!

EDIT: I noticed that there’s no .dll file within the Kontakt folder. Not sure if that helps with further understanding the issue. I’ve also made sure to select the “rescan” button as well.

Tried to drag 'n drop Kontakt from the left zone to one of your folders in the right zone of the plugin manager?

@mchantzi Wowww that did it! That’s embarrassing…

Thank you so much for the quick tip. I’ll write that down for future reference.


Great suggestion above.

That’s because you created a custom VST folder in the VST manager, called “Music_New”. Everything you install will go in the “default” folder and, if you want that to appear on the “Music_New” you can simply drag and drop it on the folder structure of your choosing within then VST manager window.

This way you can have various “collections” of plugins or VSTi.

Also, when you’re in the project window and want to load a new plugin or VSTi, the collection that will show up by default is the one you left open (the one that shows the name, in you case “Music_New”) on the VST manager window. There’s a small arrow in on the top right corner that let you choose the collection, both on the VST manager and on the project window while loading new plugins or VSTi.

I like this system, very helpful with a lot of plugins that you can organize the way you like.

Hope that helps.