Kontakt channel routing

Using Kontakt as VST and Cremona String Quartet instruments. Routing to one instance of Kontakt with all four instruments loaded, violin 1, Port 1, Chan 1; violin 2, Port 1 Chan 2, etc. with corresponding settings in the Kontakt instruments. Violin 2 does not show any signal in the Kontakt instrument and no sound if it is soloed but if not soloed, the sound can be heard but there is no levels metered in the Kontakt instrument. Seems like a bug? Thanks–

And you are sure the channel numbers in Dorico match the channel numbers in Kontakt? It sounds like what you are hearing from violin 2 is actually violin 1.

Welcome to the forum, Ellen. I suspect the issue might be with the way you’ve set up the outputs in Kontakt itself.

This setting tells Kontakt to listen to data coming in only on these channels.

However, most keyboards only send data on Port 1, Chan1, which possibly explains why you are not hearing anything from Violin 2 onwards - nothing is not sent on their channels.