Kontakt/Cubase on MacOS problem: Stuck trying to load missing libraries

Hi folks! Been a while since I posted here… but I need some help! I had a huge system failure, and trying to get everything rolling again I’ve encountered a strange problem. I have what I think are all of the Kontakt libraries installed now, and when I open old projects I get the usual Kontakt missing libraries warning, but I can’t close the prompt! It’s not like a crash… more like there’s a button hiding that I can’t click! I have to force restart. Any thoughts? Is this actually not a Cubase/ Nuendo problem (tried opening in both N12 and C12). Thanks everyone! (you can see the “OK” button is greyed out and is unclickable!)

I should have also mentioned, Kontakt loads fine in an empty project, I just want to be able to open old projects so I can see which Kontakt library is problematic… just can’t get past the opening of the project.

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry to hear this happening im not a mac user and most of the time its due file path or drive letter assigned on windows… i hope someone here can help… big fan btw…

Have you opened Kontakt 7 Standalone? Everything checks out there?

Is there any chance that those tracks in the older projects were actually using Kontakt 6 and you don’t have Kontakt 6 installed?

Thanks Mark! Glad the YT vids are helping you!

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Yeah, all good there, I’ll share a link below to see the problem.

I thought that was it! But 6 is installed… here is what the problem looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfQc9Eil0rg you can see a tiny grey square on the lower right of the vid that also pops up. It feels like I can’t get past Cubase’s error prompts… usually the OK button would be clickable and allow me to open the project without the missing patches (which would be perfect!)

You can disable 3rd party VSTs in the safe mode dialog, btw.


My old pal Nico5 walked me through it, turns out it was Komplete Kontrol all along… I can delete this since it really wasn’t a Cubase problem… Thanks for chiming in though! Steve I did disable 3rd party vsts and deleted tracks until I could nail it down.

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Hi Jef. I am a Windows user and I had the same problem when loading projects with Kontakt. It is everything from Cubase just shut down on loading the project to that error message you have. I will use anything from 2 - 6 attempts to load the project and I get it working flawlessly. this issue did appear from the 7.5 update. I am not an active Komplete Kontrol user but have it installed on my computer (with a Komplete keyboard). Did you just remove Komplete Kontrol or did you have Komplete Control in your Cubase projects?