Kontakt Freezes With White Screen after Closing


Does anyone know what causes Kontakt 6 to Freeze after closing the Edit Instrument window. I basically get a white box of Kontakt for about 3-8 seconds every time I close it. I never used to get this before and it started recently and keeps happening. It really affects work flow.

Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas to fix it?



Make sure NI Kontakt plug-in is up-to-date. I would guess it’s some graphical card issue. Maybe Windows update (and a graphical card driver update with it)? Could you try to update your graphical card driver too, please?

Thanks for the reply Martin.

You could be right about the graphics card. I’ll need to test it out.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak

I’ve swapped out the graphics card and I still seem to get the white screen freeze in Kontakt for about 5 secs before Kontakt closes. The rest of the screen is fine and doesn’t freeze because I have a video playing.


I have the same problem since yesterday. My video card is up to date. I reinstalled kontakt. And still when I close the edit instrument window, kontakt displays a white screen and it takes about 8-10 sec before closing. Note that I have noting activated. Only this one instrument. So it is not a ram issue.

I would like some help.

Hi and welcome,

To me it sounds more like NI issue.

Could you try to use Microsoft ProcDump utility, please? Maybe it will catch something.


I’ve neve rused ProcDump before. Tried it with the following command without success:

procdump -h perfrun.exe

Here’s the result:

No process matching the specified name can be found.
Try elevating the command prompt or using PsExec to make one as SYSTEM.
psexec.exe -s -d -i cmd.exe
procdump.exe -accepteula …

Don’t know what to do with that…Could’nt find any tutorial either.

Any updates on this ? Kontakt 5 same behaviour. Upgraded to Kontakt 6, still the same on Win10 64bit… C10

Any updates on this ? Kontakt 5 same behaviour. Upgraded to Kontakt 6, still the same on Win10 64bit… C10

Have you tried disabling the Multi-Core option in Kontakt. Kontakt works much better for me like this.

do you mean general performance improvement or GUI improvement

Same issue here. Kontakt closes fine in other non-Steinberg hosts (Pro Tools, VEP, etc.), but takes ~15-20 seconds with the white screen when I select the Edit button in Cubase and Nuendo. I uninstalled Kontakt twice and re-installed with no luck. I updated all of my plugin information and still no cigar. Definitely a Steinberg issue.

Win10 Pro, Cubase 10.5 Pro, Nuendo 10.3

Any Solution to this ? Cub 10.5… on Windows Same Problem

This just started happening to me this morning, on the latest versions of Kontakt 6, Komplete Kontrol, and Cubase. A simple reboot showed no change.

It occurs with both Kontakt and Kontakt within Komplete Kontrol, for both old projects and new (from a completely blank project, not a template). Kontakt standalone closes fine.

The “white plug-in screen upon close” issue only occurs from Cubase when Kontakt is somehow involved. Any other plug-in inside Komplete Kontrol closes fine, as does as any non-NI plug-in inside Cubase (SINE, Play, Synchron, Omnisphere, etc.).

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any updates - I’m experience the same thing with the new cubase 11 (upgrade from 10.5). I’ve reinstalled cubase and kontakt both - same issue… other plug-ins seem fine. need a fix as this is crashing cubase now.

I’ve been having the same issue with Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 11. NI support in this matter is absolutely useless. This NEEDS to be adressed because it makes working with a deadline absolutely impossible and I’m considering switching DAWs as Cubase is the only DAW affected. I also notice that - while the Kontakt instances loads quickly - the files tab shows the loading icon for minutes before becoming available. The behaviour is also shown by some plugins (Waves) and when adding a Groove Agent instance for the first time in a project, even with no instrument kit loaded.groovemanager. In a template with hundreds of tracks for orchestral instruments and others, this is pure nightmare.

Having the same issue with my laptop here. Anyone found a fix to this issue?

Just found a fix to this on native instrument forum. It seems that you just need to delete this specific folder and you’re good to go!

Deleting the folder
C\users\name\Appdata\local\Native instruments\Kontakt

I have had the same issue after migrated to a new PC.
In my case, the invalid LNK files in QuickLoad were the root cause of the issue, as I copied lots of stuff from the old PC.

There are several threads in the NI forum, e.g. Solved - Kontakt 6 Crash in Cubase | NI Community Forum and the suggestion was to delete the whole Kontakt preference folder.
It will likely solve this issue but is a huge lobotomy surgery.

I didn’t want to lose the bunch of the shortcuts in QuickLoad, but the issue started to happen again once I copied over the QuickLoad contents from the backup. This is it! Eureka! The issue must be related to the QL LNK files. Most likely the invalid, missing targets.

There are handful of the tools out there to help identifying the invalid LNK files.
I used shman (ShortcutsMan - Shortcuts Manager for Windows).
Run it by
shman /folders "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Native Instruments\Kontakt"
Once it finishes gathering the information, from the Edit menu, click “Select broken Shortcuts”, then from the File menu, click “Delete Selected Shortcuts”.
In case you wanted to keep a record of those missing links, do File / Save Selected Items before deleting them.

Now you should have fixed the kompletely annoying workflow blocker, and saved the majority of the Kontakt settings without losing lots of quick loads you’ve collected over the years.
(well, if your freeze shares the same root cause as mine. fingers crossed :slight_smile: