Kontakt in Dorico


Is a playback template required for Kontakt? If not how can it be used? I want to use Spitfire Libraries in my compositions!

Thanks in Advance,

Ian Hook

It’s the sample library, not the Player, that needs the template and endpoints and expression maps.

… as @benwiggy says…!

Have a look at this tutorial… Custom Playback Templates | New Features in Dorico 3 - YouTube

Depending on which libraries you have, there may be someone here who has already defined a suitable template.

and if you happen to want to use the popular BBC Symphony orchestra, it uses its own player, not Kontakt like the older ones. There is a decent playback template created by Dorico’s John Barron which you can modify to your own tastes if necessary. For Kontakt libraries, then there are indeed one or two written by forum members as @Janus says.

I want to use Spitfire’s Symphony Complete which I don’t believe already has a playback template.

So here’s your opportunity to be a pioneer!

My hunch is that much of the Spitfire product stable use the same key switches/CC#s to trigger similar articulations, so you could probably use the BBSO template (Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra Templates – Dorico) as a starting point. Even if they don’t work out of the box, you will learn a lot by studying how they are constructed.

FWIW: Don’t be too ambitious at first. Just get the basic articulations to work for each group of instruments. Create a key command shortcut to get to the Expression Map (mine is ctrl-M) - you will be using it a lot! Also search this forum if you get stuck. There are many threads that will help, even if they don’t relate to your particular library.

Good luck. And let us know how you get on.

I may have found a gold mine: Spitfire SSO (Symphony Orchestra) expression maps?