Kontakt memory issues/nuendo problems/oh my

Hello all,

I’m running kontakt 3.5 on OS X 10.6 with nuendo 4.3, so everything is up to date - I’m having serious strangeness happening with projects which came from another machine with the SAME setup, but when being opened in Nuendo, I get the dreaded, “no big enough memory block available” message from Kontakt on loading two separate instances of Kontakt in the Nuendo project. If I enable the memory server in Kontakt and restart Nuendo, Kontakt won’t even load, it hangs on loading a kontakt patch named Celeste which is in the project. If I disable the memory server, the project will load, but only if I stop the loading of Kontakt patches when the memory error comes up.

I’ve reinstalled Nuendo and Kontakt, repaired permissions, zapped pRAM, and nearly everything else I can think of, and I’m batting zero here.

This machine has 8gb of RAM, but there is no 64 bit version of Nuendo. This SAME setup works on another machine, just fine.

The thing about this is that Kontakt loads FINE in Ableton 8.3, which is not running in 64 bit beta mode. I can enable the memory server, restart Ableton, and everything is ok with Kontakt.

so, I figure this is a Nuendo issue of some kind, but I can’t see what. If anyone has thoughts, I’d be much appreciative. Thank you!

No one?

I’m Using Kontakt 5 & Nuendo 5.5, there is no problem with this.

I can’t remember… Is Kontakt 3 for Mac Intel-based too? Or is it PPC only?

I sometimes have this warning, where Kontakt says there’s not enough memory available, usually when loading huge amount of Mixosaurus drums. I am using Nuendo 4 (32bit) and XPx64. I am sure it’s a problem of my 32-bit Nuendo not accommodating the larger memory a 64-bit version would.

I suggest you update to Nuendo 5 x64. Or you could try running a 64-bit third party host like Vienna Ensemble 64 bit, which I believe would load Kontakt and allow it to address all your system’s memory.

Hope this helps!