Kontakt Multi Out - How?


I have been trying out VST Live for some time and have so far been using audio backing tracks etc.

I am now trying to understand how to reuse my Kontakt setups from Cubase Projects in VST Live,
but cannot really understand how to reuse my multi instrument setups/presets in VST Live.

So how does it work?

I have imported my Midi tracks from Cubase and created a Layer with Kontakt as instrument in VST Live. In Cubase all midi tracks are routed to one Kontakt instance, with different instruments on different midi channels, and I then use 4 sets of plugin stereo outputs for mixing within VST.
It’s OK if these 4 outputs are then routed to the same audio output in VST Live!


  • How Can I replicate this multi out setup in VST Live?
  • Can I use one Layer with one Kontakt instance for all Midi tracks with 4 pairs of Plugin Outputs in the mixer?
  • Or do I have to create one Layer with one separate Kontakt for each Midi channel?

Some info, tips or links to tutorials much appreciated!


… you could :

  • create a Layer_A with Kontakt instance as an instrument. Configure the Instrument Channel to 1
  • then you create a new Layer_B. For this layer you select the Kontakt instance of Layer_A as a shared Instrument. Configure the Channel of this instrument to 2
  • then create a MIDI track and connect it to Layer_A
  • create now a second track and connect it to Layer_B

… and you should activate the Multi.Out of Kontakt. You can do it with that control - upper, left corner.

See you,

Thanks Spork!

I will try that…


Hello, it works for me as described.
Question: Can’t this be done just as easily as with Halion? I find the detour via the tracks very complicated.
I would prefer it if it were solved like in Cubase. There, each plugin outputs create a separate mixer channel.