Kontakt Multi out to Midi Then Sound Files - Issues- Help

Ive been reading and watching videos on vst/midi use and am still having issues. I’m using Cubase 7.5 with NI Kontact 5 and here is what I am trying to do:

Use a Yamaha Claranova to play midi in on through scarlet interface to multiple instrument patch in Kontact (Symphobia 1 patch)
(I can hear this play)

  1. I want to record the individual instruments to separate MIDI tracks so I can then adjust midi parts (by listening to them play-back the same instruments recorded from Kontact) once it sounds right then:

  2. Play these adjusted midi tracks (original performed with the outboard piano then hand adjusted in midi track) to the same instruments in Kontact and record them to sound files.

This allows me to play a multi instrument track live through VST, adjust the individual midi for any mistakes then bounce them to individual sound tracks for mixing.

However, I’m only finding multi out info straight from midi to sound files not creating individual midi tracks first for manual adjustments.

FLOW: Piano to VST (Kontact running multi instrument Symphobia 1 patch), hear it and record individual midi tracks live then hearing the adjustments while playing back the midi tracks, then bouncing to sound file- the flow seems right, the setup seem to be alluding me. Any help HIGHLY APPRECIATED as this has me at a full stop in production.

I hope I understand correctly but here is what I think you need to do.
In Cubase create a MIDI track and select the source as the Yamaha Claranova (a physical/outboard piano).
Select monitor or record arm for that MIDI track and make sure the preferences are set up for “MIDI Thru active”. This will allow the MIDI to pass thru to the VST Instrument (Kontakt).
Insert Kontakt in the Instrument Rack and send the MIDI track to Kontakt on the appropriate channel (be sure that channel matches the patch in Kontakt).
Record and Play in Cubase. You should be able to hear Kontakt play and Cubase should be recording MIDI of what you play.
Repeat with other MIDI Tracks and Instrument patches. Turn off the monitor and record arm for the MIDI tracks that are already recorded and that you just want to hear the previously recorded MIDI playing back.
Double click MIDI tracks to open MIDI editor and edit the MIDI notes.
For rendering to audio, Render In Place should work.
Hope this gets it started.

Thanks,but what if I want to play all the multis in a symphobia patch in kontakt at once, so I set them all to omni input. can they then output to separate midi tracks to just change a few bits by hand then record this to multi sound tracks? I don’t want to play each individual from the multi- instead of playing each one (ten takes), just one take using omni, them make them different by hand then recorded multiple out so:
Claranova to midi track- input to kontakt on a multi symphobia track but have the output of those go to multi midi out recording? Thanks for the help with this exploring very different way of recording new sound and all updated or new software so a bit lost…

Well, you should be able to create multiple MIDI tracks and send them to the appropriate Kontakt patches on their appropriate MIDI channels and select record arm on all of them. Now when you play all of the MIDI tracks will record MIDI that you play and get passed on to the instrument for live sound

So the piano input into my interface focus rite i4) out to computer and is seen as midi controller by io tact but it’s coming from one midi source so if not all on same channel not all get midi from the one input piano but what you’re saying is I make separate midi tracks in cubase which the single piano source goes to all but then each midi track goes to separate instrument in the multi instrument vet patch in Kronstakt? I should hear all tracks at this point. Then if armed each will record the separate midi, which I can then individually mess about with then ‘render in place’ which will send midi to the vast multi and record it’s sounds to sound track, is that seem like I’m getting the correct flow?
If so I may still have some questions on setting that flow up.
Seems would have one instance of contact, multiple midi and sound tracks in place, should hear it, record midi when tracks armed then those tracks get unarmed, sound tracks get armed and mid plays through knot act vat instruments recording to the audio tracks? I guess connecting the single input to multiple midi tracks which are attached to multiple vst and then having that output to sound file (if getting it right) still a bit lost on multiple input and output happening at one, seems some setting in cubase but some(to output right) would be in Kronstakt?

I wonder would there be any templates for this. That might get me going and allow me to study the setup for future tweaks… Any info on something like that appreciated

Okay thinking out loud, having piano hit multiple Midi ins in cubase first - maybe making this more complicated; if I have have the piano being seen by contact Bst multi instruments patch, all set to omni and playing the same thing, I hear what I want and can practice like that. The question is then, can kontakt have separate multiple outs to midi channels on cubase to record to?

That would allow to record the midi, mess with it then play those midi tracks back through kontakt to multiple out going to sound tracks in cubase?
I’m going to get this I’m going to get this! Arg.

Everything I’m finding is not showing the performance or multiple midi just how to do multiple outputs straight to sound tracks. Seems this would be something commonly needed, so again maybe I’m missing a video or a template that would be of use.
Might have to look at a custom template and pay for it to have a starting place to see this in action and tweak from there…

I think you are talking about using Kontakt in “standalone” mode (i.e. not as an instrument hosted by Cubase or “inside” of Cubase) and then sending the MIDI to Cubase. I have never used it that way and can’t say how to set it up that way. It still seems to me that using Kontakt hosted by Cubase (inside of Cubae as an instrument plug-in) is easier.
Hopefully, someone else here can help.

No,I am playing it hosted inside cubase, not stand alone…
I’m just not finding the info on live midi performance to kontakt with multiple instruments being recorded to multiple midi channels so I can, correct some bad notes or whatever then played down to sound tracks. All I am finding is multiple output from kontakt to sound file no info on the live performance input or creating midi files in between for editing…hope that’s more clear. I really need some guidance

Yes, but you are recording the same midi info 3 times. Record it once and then drag another version (or two) down which will create another track which you can alter.

Or am I missing something?

Getting closer, so I record one track multiply it and send those individually to the different parts of the multi. But then while playing (without all the instruments being in omni) how am I hearing anything but the one instrument?
For instance, using a patch in symphobia 2, I like to hear all the parts of the multi as once when I play as it effects how I play it… But with one input from piano… I only hear one item
Unles I set them all to omni(which is a pain and I would imagine I would have to switch back to multiple midi channels when I export to multiple tracks. Anyway for the clairinova I put tone hitting multiple Chanel’s (1-16) instead of setting to and from omni?

That wasn’t clear on my part. I see recording a midi track and copying it making changes to individual tracks and playing it and hearing it all as each track would go to a specific chanl on each instrument.
I then see how I can have multi-out record to individual sound tracks. But on the initial input I am not understanding how I’m getting multiple instruments playing from the one piano in midi source without all of the bay’s being set to omni. Changing them on a large multi and then switching back to specific channels could start to eat up a lot of time…

Do I at least have the rest of the process as described above right? (Not that I’m sure specifically how to do that yet but I see videos where they are doing allot of setup in cubase to get multi channel put available so am sure can get that part.

Thanks for your patients I know a million people must do this every day and find this stupid but in my defense I upgraded to all new software prior to a divorce and during the last year it’s all be in storage, so I never had a chance to work with these versions and also just back to trying to record at all in so long that I’m a little behind - so again, al patience and help is really appreciated. Also still like to hear if anyone knows good options for template option to try.

That would probably straighten me out on process a lot. Got one keyboard, doesn’t matter 88 key clairinova or an oxygen 49, you plug into a multi instrument patch in kontakt, doesn’t matter stand alone or in cubase- how do you hear all the multiple instruments in that patch with a source thAt comes in on one channel and nless you set each instrument to omni chanl?

It’s getting blurry. Press the monitor button(s) and listen to as many inputs as you like. Route them all to individual midi tracks as you wish. Many different ways to work.

Okay, that’s starting to sink in, thank you. From vids it seems quite bit of setup in cubase to get multi output working so again, anyone know any templates, free or paid that might get me started with this, and buts like folders and side change set up etc…?