Kontakt Patches Gone in projects since C6 Install

Since I installed Cubase 6 allot of cubase projects now load with Kontakt having no patches in it!! I tried to open those projects back in cubase 5 but even in cubase 5 now the Kontakt is being loaded blank. I re-installed Kontakt, but it is still happening.


What version of Kontakt do you have? Kontakt 5, or older? Do you have last update? Do you use 32- or 64-bit Cubase/Kontakt?

I’m using Kontakt on Mac in 32-bit Cubase, no problem here.


i use Kontakt 5 64bit thru jbridge in cubase 32bit. but i tried opening the project in cubase 6 64bit, same problem



have you re-installed the jbridge dlls?
Are they in the same folder as your Kontakt5.dll?

I reinstalled them.
I also have dedicated folders for bridged plugins and for regular/unbridged.