KONTAKT Playback Issue

When I try to use KONTAKT instruments for playback, I hear notes when I input them, but I do not hear anything during playback. Does anyone else have this issue or is there something I am doing wrong that can be fixed? Could this be a possible bug?

Have you set the appropriate channel in your instance(s) of Kontakt in the track headers at the left-hand side in Play mode? Dorico can’t assign the sounds automatically to Kontakt, so you need to both load the sounds into Kontakt, and then specify which instrument should target which channel in Kontakt using the controls in Play mode.

I’m having a different problem with Kontakt: It only plays one channel. I’m trying to play a Violin and a Cello, both loaded in the same Kontakt in different channels, but only the Violin playbacks.

I attach an image where my channel configuration is shown. I’m not sure if I’m missing some more place to configure.
kontakt problem.jpg

Try saving the project and reopen it. If that makes no change, then do ‘load sounds for unassigned instruments’. This will load an instance of Halion. Just leave it, but reassign Kontakt to the cello on the left manually. It seems to be a good idea to keep Halion in the Vst rack on the right, even if it’s bot being used…

Thanks fratveno, the “load sounds for unassigned instruments” and then reassign to kontakt did the trick, it works now.

It seems that each time that I load a new instrument it is needed to do it…