Kontakt Player 6 Not Showing Up In Cubase.

After updating Kontakt Player 6 (via Native Access) to version 6.3.1, I am unable to pull Kontakt player up in Cubase. The installation paths are correct and can use it as a stand alone device on my computer but it will not show up in Cubase Elements 10. It was working before the update to 6.3.1. Any suggestions?

Thanks Jeff


Isn’t it blocklisted in Cubase? Please ask NI forum. I remember similar issue few month ago, after NI Kontakt update, it stopped to work with Cubase because of a bug in Kontakt.

It is blacklisted. Tried to reactivate it but not working. I did notice it’s only VST 2 not VST 2.4 like Komplete Kontrol is. How did you solve that issue?

I have the same problem. Has anyone been able to resolve this?

Sorry to take this thread back again, but I couldn’t find neither a solution nor to many other people with the same problem, so I began to suspect that I am missing something really basic (however, I haven’t had any problem with other plugins or Kontakt itself in Cubase 5).

So here is my novice question, hoping it will be useful for other people: do we need Jbridge to make Kontakt 6 works in Cubase 10.5?

I thought we did not, but after moving .dll’s -64 bits- around folders in windows and trying different paths in Cubase I can’t do nothing but think that maybe I’m missing some basic stuff here. Kontakt 6 appears blacklisted as an Unknown VST and I wonder if this is actually totally normal or not…

I would appreciate your help.

No. The latest updates to Kontakt seem to have problems in Cubase. I’ve stayed on Kontakt 6.2.2 and it has been working fine. If you can get back to that version or earlier it will likely help.

Thank you so much for your help. So Kontakt 6.2.2 didn’t work for me either until I reactived, now is finally working properly! No crashing yet.

I hope this final update about how I solved the problem will be useful for others.

I’m not sure if this problem has been solved. But I just got a new Windows 10 system and Im running Nuendo 10.3 . I installed Kontakt 6 V6.42 and same thing it would not find it or black listed it.

So I went to the Plugin Manager and added a folder location Program files/ Native Instruments/VST plugins 64bit. and re-scanned it and it works so far. no black list. We’ll see if it crashes.

This may be old news but I thought Id share it.


I has similar problems with Kontakt 6 full version in that Cubase ( I’m now on V11 ) recognised both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 ( although of course shows as simply Kontakt ) in the VST instrument list in the Plug In Manager but would only allow me to add Kontakt 5 to any project as an instrument. Kontakt 6 was not blocklisted etc. Tried reinstalling Kontakt several times and changed the plug in paths etc as all the help forums mention. Nothing worked, but then I tried simply dragging Kontakt from the VST Instrument pane in the Plug in Manager to the Collections Pane at the right hand side. It now works without any problems. Sorry if this is obvious to some people but I’ve not seen it mentioned as a solution and if it can save even one other person hours of frustration, I’ll be happy. Have a great new year.