Kontakt Player causing Graphic Stutter

Hey Everybody,

Just wondering if any of you have had this issue - I installed the free Kontakt player so I could use a sample library I purchased (Get Good Drums). When I load the VST instrument and the sample library, it bogs the graphics of Cubase down when the GUI is open on screen. All the meters start to stutter and the plugin when dragedg around the screen is jittery as well. When I close the plugin, everything returns to normal?? (VST instrument is still loaded and playing, just the GUI is closed.) I have seen nothing like this with VST instruments before?


I cant help you with windows10 stuff)

But have you tried disabling gfx acceleration for kontakt? (If possible) using this method?

Not sure it will help, but its worth a try…

Its clearly a gfx issue so i would concentrate all my efforts on that part of your computer/os