Kontakt Surround Routing (Spitfire, Cinesamples etc.)

Hello everyone,

This is a long-term hassle of mine: When I open a Kontakt 5 instance and load f.e. the Spitfire Albion or Sable library and want to route the Decca-Tree Signal on a LCR Channel, I only get a stereo signal.
Within the Kontakt mixer I have created the appropiate Channels for the Output of the Spitfire Albion Plugin ( LCR Decca-Tree, LR Close Mic and LR Ambient, LR Outriggers for Surround. Everything works great except the Decca-Tree Channel. No Center Signal. I have also checked with Spitfire Audio and they have assured me that they recorded it in real Decca-Tree.

Also the Surround Mixes won’t work. I have created the 5.1 Channel in the Kontakt mixer, activated the outputs via F11 VST-Instruments and after a restart of the session (due to Cubase/Kontakts Channel activation) there is still no surround only stereo. :blush:

I’ve seen a lot of composers (for TV, movies etc.) here on the steinberg forum, so i guess you can help me out here.


Patrick :mrgreen: