Kontakt What's going on here ? Using MacBook Pro build in audio

What’s going on here ? if I use my Laptops built in IO , when I load a CPU heavy instrument I get a RED 100% CPU , which I have never seen before . and I am running an M2 96gb 8TB laptop . If I switch to Apple AirPods then it’s fine.

I am away from my Main IO rig so cant test that until next week but this seems odd

If a different audio driver is changing the problem, it could be a driver problem. At least I would start to search in this area.

I agree , but how or why should there be a problem with a Mac book pros built in iO ?

I have checked with Logic Pro X and also Kontakt standalone they both work as expect no RED 100%

Perhaps your buffer is set lower for built in audio?

I have tried min 32 to max 2560 (I think) doesn’t change , and it I set 32 with an external IO. USB Io or even apple max phones , no problem

Just the built In IO that the problem