Kontakt window staying open even after shutting down dorico

This is either a new problem, or I’ve just never had a kontakt window open when shutting down dorico. When I shut down, one of the kontakt windows stays open. If I hover over it with a mouse I get the spinning ball (I’m on a mac), but dorico is completely closed, so there is nothing for me to “force quit”. So that window will just stay there unless I shut down the whole computer.
If I try and reopen dorico, it gets stuck on “waiting for audio engine to initialize” and so it looks like if I want to reopen Dorico, I’ll have to totally shut down anyway. Running latest version of Dorico on a Mac Pro 7,1 running OS 11.6.5

Dorico’s audio engine is running as an own process in the background. So in your case Dorico quits but the audio engine keeps running. If that happens you need to go to Activity Monitor and kill off the VST Audio Engine process. After that Dorico will start up normally again.
More interesting is the question though, why does the audio engine not stop even though Dorico told it to do so? I suspect that there is some alert or prompt dialog behind the Kontakt window. Can you please check the next time it happens to you?

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Thanks. Next time it happens, I’ll kill the process in activity monitor. There was nothing behind the Kontakt window (unless hidden). In my experience, if there is a prompt somewhere the spinning ball of death doesn’t happen. I’m happy to send along a report if it helps.