Kontakt Workaround for Tuning

Hi there,
in the Kontakt-Player, the tuning function has a much bigger bitdepth than the CC automation in Dorico.
Which means:
De-Tuning within Kontakt for -1.0 means a whole step.
If I set my CC in Dorico to 63, I get -0.28 in Kontakt, if I set it to 64, I get 0.28 in Kontakt — which means a difference of 2 quarter-tones, hence a half-step. I even don’t get ‘0’ anymore…like this it’s impossible to use Kontakt-Tuning with Dorico-Automation.
Has anybody maybe a ‘workaround’ for that?

I don’t use Kontakt, but this thread seems to be about the same problem and there is a link to a script which claims to solve it.


Hey Rob,
that’s super nice! Thanx a lot. It would have helped a lot but with the spitfire interfaces within Kontakt, no scripting is possible :neutral_face: