Kontat GUI takes 3 seconds to open when clicking on "Edit instrument"

Hello, I have this weird thing with kontakt that’s super anoying, each time I click on “edit Instrument” I have the mouse spinning wheel and 3s of waiting.

In comparison the Opus vst open instantly when clicking on “Edit Instrument”.
In fact every other vst instrument or sampler is opening instantly
But kontakt for some reason have that 3 seconds lag consistently. When I am working with 20 kontakts tracks and need to open the gui one after the other in a short amount of time, it gets really jarring

Any idea ? I deleted my big quickload folder, I thought it maybe slowed the whole thing …

Kontakt 7 takes much longer to start than previous versions, even the standalone version, outside of Cubase. I don’t think this is a Cubase issue, but rather that the new Kontakt 7 GUI is very slow to load.

Yes, Kontakt 7 is slower than Kontakt 6… Hope, that NI maybe will fix this

throwing a bottle in the sea… anyone found a solution for this ?

I find the behavior of Kontakt 7.5 strange in the latest Cubase. Seem to me the plugin is very sensitive. Sometimes Kontakt will open instantly, 2 minutes later the plugin will use 3 - 20 seconds to open. I also noticed that Cubase crashes randomly when opening projects and I might have to try 3-4 times before I get my project ready to start. I really haven’t found a clear indication of what is causing this but seems to be projects that have been saved before the release of 7.5. Native Instruments definitely did something with the 7.5 update, I am running on 7.5.2 and I consider Kontakt very unreliable at the moment.

I was using the software Drivepool to unify all my 4 nvme ssds into one virtual drive to store the Kontakt library folder (3.5 tb)

I just tried to deleted my 165 libraries from Kontakt. And it seems to load much faster, no instantly tho but more like 1 sec (versus 3 sec)

So I moved my Kontakt libraries folder from the virtual pool to the individual drives (dividing it into 4 Kontakt folders) and it seems to load much faster.

Seems like Kontakt doesn’t like the added layer of storage complexity.
The fact that each GUI opening trigger some sort of « scan » or wathever is beyond me in term of software design but wathever … native instrument …

My setup here is still very basic – all Kontakt libraries on a 2TB spinner, previous versions of Kontakt opened quickly, but Kontakt 7.5.2 takes up to 7 seconds to start.

There’s no way I can accept 7 seconds to open kontakt GUI considering it’s something I do every 30 sec or so
I would have throw my computer out the window

Something is probably wrong with kontakt 7

Anyway, kontakt always feeling like a downgrade, nothing new under the sun

First time opening takes about 7 seconds for me, subsequently about 2 seconds. It’s not a Cubase problem, it started with Kontakt version 7.

But why not just leave the GUI open? That’s what I do.

My template have currently 500 kontakt tracks, so I constantly need to be opening and closing them if I am editing the instrument :frowning: