Korg CX 3...

I had issues with my Korg CX 3 organ at a gig a week and a half ago. When I powered it up, the LEDs just blinked at me, so I powered it off and blew it off as it being a power issue - that there wasn’t sufficient power at the outlet which the entire was using (that, or a battery type issue… i.e., I really had no clue what was wrong with it. So powered it off and played the gig without it (I play piano mostly, anyway).

When reloading to go home I had noticed something rattling & rolling around in the CX. I get it home, unload it, put it on the kb stand and power it up only to get it blinking at me again (insufficient power not an issue). I power it down, remove the top and discover what looks to be 3 small metallic cylinders encased in plastic whose broken edges (like broken glass) suggest they’ve broken off from the internal chassis somewhere, i.e. I have no clue what they are (some sort of spacers?) or where they go. Anyway, one of these cylinders was resting upon some of the internal guts/circuitry. After removing them, on a whim, I re-plugged the power cord, turned it on, and voila… no more blinking lights, and full function (albeit via headphones, haven’t tested the audio outs yet).

WTF!!? :imp: Until I find out what these spacer type thingies are and where they belong and their relative importance, I probably won’t use it live.

Seriously, what’s the best VSTi Hammond B3 I should look into?

Hey Tony,

Take it to an authorized Korg tech and have it repaired. Your CX 3 will love you all-the-more for it. :sunglasses:

I know you’re right, Nick. The thing is, the local authorized Korg tech I used last time couldn’t fix a Korg Karma that, long story short, cost me a couple hundred in repair, only to have see the same issues after a month. They wouldn’t return my calls, they took my money and didn’t stand behind their work. It’ll all get sorted, I posted the thread to see if anyone actually knew what the loose pieces were. I may open it up again and go deeper to see where those pieces could have originated from. The thing is, I took the CX through it’s paces this a.m. audio/Midi works.

I bought it used back in 2003 and so I’m wondering if it may have been abused by its original owner. I dunno. Thanks for your reply (and the one over at the village too :wink: ).

Can’t you put some pictures up? That might make it easier :slight_smile:



can you say “deja vu”? :wink:

Thanks for this advice, Steve. Yeah, I just wanna take a deeper look, not gonna mess with the circuitry. One thing I am feeling more confident about is the realization they’re not electronic related. My thoughts are that they are/were, in fact, part of the chassis - part the structural assembly of the board - like shock absorbers to guard against the rigors of road gigs.

I’m thinking I dodged a bullet and I can retire the CX to the studio and check out the VSTi B3. Although the CX 3 travels way better than a B3 and Leslie, for my purposes, it makes more sense to travel with a VSTi on a laptop. Oh well.

Onward and… every which way but loose.

oops, I double posted, damn interweb-burps :blush: