Korg Extreme/midi Data

Newbe Newbe
Please Please shed a light.
After recording 3 Audio and 3 Midi tracks successfully.the following situation happens.

  1. All Audio tracks record O.K, no problem.
  2. But the Midi tracks, in record mode, do not put down on the track. the midi data, as in tracks 1.2.3.
    [ The notes played on the Extreme’s Keyboard ]
  3. The midi signal shows in the other tracks, showing there is a signal entering.
  4. While I am recording and, When I stop recording, the track is blank, with no data on it.
    What am I not doing, or not setting, that the communication is not there?
    I have tried setting the midi channels in the Korg extreme sequencer to the same midi channel in Nuendo, but negative,
    Also this situation crashes Nuendo and I have to close it down and reboot it.
    H E L P, its extreamly frustrating not knowing, will be obliged for a solution.