Korg Help! Time Clock Metronome USB Sync Midi Question

I have a Micro Korg.
I have Cubase LE 4.

I should be able to connect the two and have the Cubase be Master - the Korg be Slave - to the metronome time clock. I have read all the directions - but cannot get Korg to be slave to time. In Korg there are only a couple options - you set midi to external - and it should read. I have connected the back of the Korg - Midi IN – to a midi / USB adaptor. So the USB adaptor goes into my computer. I have a M Audio Profire 2626 which has a firewire input but I could not get a midi / firewire adaptor. There is no midi input on the 2626…so my only hook up option seems to be midi / USB adaptor.

Lets assume my connections are fine. What specifically, what do I need to do in Cubase? There seems to be a PULL DOWN menu when I go into MIDI connections… that show many KORG models and other midi models… but NOT SPECIFICALLY the Micro Korg? There are other Korg mentioned. Should I just pick one?

Do I need to map anything out? Do I need to create a Midi track in the timeline? I will keep working. If anyone has this working let me know how! Thanks.

I just found / discovered that via the M Audio Pro Fire 2626 there is a midi breakout cable… and I might be able to go this route. Because via the USB cable the Cubase was not finding the Korg.

If you want to sync two devices via MIDI clock, apart from telling the slave to sync to external clock, you also have to tell the master to send external clock. RTFCubaseM “Synchronisation”.
Cubase usually does not find keyboards, (especially when your using devices with standard MIDI ports) it finds MIDI ports.

I did read the manual. No need for RTFM.

Anyway, I believe I got it working. The synchronization menu is not with the Midi menu. Two different places. Hence I was spending all my time working on the Midi configurations - wasting time. I actually had the Synchronization manual pages 219, 220 etc… printed out sitting right next to me… ready to tackle next… when I read your response. I just think there needs to be a closer connection made to the two (Midi and Sync) in both the manuals and the pull down menus – to make the hook up faster and easier.

Midi isn’t exactly the most simple thing…
so lay off the RTFCubaseM comments next time. Thanks for your help otherwise! :wink: