Korg Kronos 2 External Midi Instrument and Mixer Volume Control


Have a question, using Cubase 9.5, I have an External Midi Instrument setup that controls a Korg Kronos 2.
It all woks fine, I can record midi and use “Render” to render the the track to audio. I have connected audio
in external instruments bus.

My question is, the Volume fader in the mixer for this instruments track will not control the volume
of the external instrument, the kronos. Mute works ok. If I setup a regular midi track to control the and use that fader to control volume of the kronos it works fine. I have this working in a different daw so i dont think it’s the kronos.

I’ve tried all kinds of combinations and simply cant get it to control volume on the kronos. Any ideas?
And I seem to recall at one point I did have the external instrument fader controlling volume on kronos.

Please Help? Thanks in advance.


I can’t help you, but there must be other Kronos users using Cubase.

Maybe try asking in the Kronos section here http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=60&sid=6d01c6663927bee74546adc1aeda0069

Have you tried this in all 3 modes of the Kronos - Combi, Multi and patch level?