Korg Kronos and MR-2000 mastering plug-ins

I just installed a update to my Korg MR-2000 mastering device and drivers.
Dorico crashes overtime i hit play now on full score.
The pinwheel of death. It is current driver from Korg For Kronos and all other Korg keyboards…
Yikes I so love Dorico! But can’t use it.

Korgs VST for Kronos and MR-2000i seem to be crashing Dorico playback
Dorico loads, but pinwheel after selecting play button

Mine now hangs and hard crashes with pinwheel of death on playback!
I click play or play from note. Nothing happens, then rainbow pinwheel of death.
Seems to be some driver incompatibility problems or eLicencer issue?
It worked awesome for 5 TV themes now crashes and unusable.
REAL bug. Must be do to some Sych problem with audio or MOTU.
Let me know if you solve it. I was going to buy the program after my trial but if it don’t work anymore then… ANYTHING BUT Sibelius!! AVID
HELP ME AVID is stealing all my money for usage fees! Steinberg save me please!

Can you choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file that Dorico will save to your desktop?

Are you referring to the Korg Kronos Editor VST or Korg’s MIDI Driver?

The Kronos Editor VST is 32-bit only. I’m pretty sure it needs to be 64-bit to work inside Dorico as a VST 2. If you post links to Korg’s site showing the drivers you’re referring to, I can take a quick look at it.