KORG Kronos Keyboard sounds for Cubase9

I am a keyboard player and have been using the Korg KronosX for years and the board has a lot of good sound in it. Can I load these sounds into my Cubase so that they can be accessed for MIDI track recording in Cubase 9? I bought the sounds from Korg already, but I guess I need a software version of them? which Korg doesn’t seem to offer. they only seem to offer an olde “legacy” collection of sounds from 70s-80s synths. Any suggestions/thought? many thanks!!!

*Specifically: these are the Korg Kronos sounds I’m taking about (cut and pasted from Korg.com)
The “New KRONOS Sound Pack” includes the following new KRONOS Sound Libraries, as featured in the new KRONOS:
KORG EXs - Expansion Sample Series
・EXs17 SGX-2 Berlin D Piano
・EXs18 KORG EXs Collections
KORG KRS - Professional Sound Series
・KRS-07 Sound Pack 3.0
The ”New KRONOS Sound Pack" adds these fresh new sounds to the KRONOS and KRONOS X.
Note: The “New KRONOS Sound Pack” is intended for the KRONOS and KRONOS X only. These sounds and samples are already included in the new KRONOS (KRONOS2-61/73/88).

You can set up the Korg as an external instrument, record MIDI, and render it to audio when you are ready.

I don’t believe Cubase will “store” any synth patches for any hardware synthesizer that I’m aware of. But via MIDI you can integrate it so it works more seamlessly…ie selecting banks and patches with the names of the Korg patches included in Cubase…but that is just midi between any hardware synth and your DAW. This way you can scroll through Korg patches in Cubase without touching the Korg.

You can also of course build a synth device in Cubase to edit your Korg…or even use an editor librarian such as MidiQuest 11.