Korg Kronos w/Cubase 6 - Please help


I am using Cubase 6 (just bought) with a Korg Kronos (also pretty new) and for the life of me I can’t get the two to interact.

The Kronos is the only keyboard I am using currently.

I want to essentailly split the Kronos in two. One half as the keyboard controller for Cubase and the sound engine as an external device (using the seq mode in Kronos). I don’t plan on using the internal seq at all on the Kronos other than to set up my 16 tracks.

So far I can’t get Cubase to recognize the keyboard or sound engine. I had the same problem trying a Studio One Trial version.

I have followed the directions with no success. Cubase is not recording any notation nor outputting anything.

Is there any possibility it could be a poor quality USB to MIDI converter I am using (Sony UB-1)?

Right now I would be happy to play “Mary had a Little Lamb”, record it into Cubase ans actually hear it played back. That would be a huge step as it is.

I’m at my wits end. All I want to be able to do is construct a basic track and then from there learn the intricicies of the 2 programs.

Any help from anyone is appreciated. I’ve been going at this for weeks with no results.


Is the Kronos not a USB connected keyboard that can act as an audio interface and also MIDI transfer, thus you would not need a separate midi interface?

You should select the Kronos driver in cubase for audio and have it selected for midi. You will also need to monitor via the Kronos, i.e have you monitor speakers/headphones connected to the keyboard when using it’s driver in Cubase.

I am using a USB/MIDI interface (MIDI out of the Kronos and USB into the Laptop). I am using a Roland UB-1 1x1 USB Midi Interface. Should that not do the trick?

Where do I select the Kronos driver in Cubase? Yes, I have monitor speakers hooked up and can hear the Kronos fine when Internal MIDI is ON, but I believe I have to turn it off so I don’t hear duplicate data from what I’ve read.

I decided to take a different route given your response. I disconnectyed the MIDI/USB interface and went to USB/USB directly. Amazingly enough I was promted to install the Kronos interface device and low and behold I can not only see the Kronos being recognized, I can also see notes( data) being recorded. That was as far as I could get, no sound was coming out the other end:(

I opened up the MIDI port setup and I can see that Windows MIDI In Kronons keyboard is listed as visable and active but unfortunately the Windows MIDI Out Kronos Sound is shown as visable but inactive.

How do I make this active as well? I’m guessing this is my problem but am feeling dumber everyday trying to get back into this (ahhhh the 80’s were great)

I never knew you could use USB in replace of MIDI but I haven’t done this in 15 years.

But alas, as much as I am inspired by the fact I got halfway there, I still can’t record a basic track (and at least hear it)

Also, how the heck do you get the click track to give you at least a two bar count in?

Lost in technology…yours truly

The active/inactive indicator only tells you if you have a midi track that is actually assigned to use that port.
You have created a midi track and managed to record midi from the Kronos. You can’t hear it playback because you apparently did not set the output of that midi track to the Kronos as well. When you do that, Cubase plays the midi back to the Kronos, which generates the sounds. If you want to play it live (and have local off, as you said), you have to enable monitoring (the speaker icon) on the midi track.

Now to record the audio, you’ll need an audio track where you select your input to be the Kronos (or your audio interface, still not sure what you are using.). Go to device manager to select the right ASIO driver to use (If you are using the Kronos as audio interface, you should find an ASIO driver for it in the dropdown menu. If not, see if it came with a disc. If you are using another audio interface, use the driver for that. Just avoid Direct X drivers or Generic drivers, they’re usually rubbish.)
After you selected the right drivers, hit f4 to open VST connections, where you can see the physical in and outputs detected in the driver. Assign them as you feel necessary. Now you can create an audiotrack and set its input to your Kronos and you can capture actual audio.

You can now for instance record midi, make corrections, playback the midi to the kronos and then record the resulting audio.

Please excuse my novice attitude.The last time I used seq software the only way to record guitars etc was with pro tools in the editing stage of a mix. When you’re talking about “audio” are you also referring to MIDI?

So I need to have a speaker icon on to play the midi track back thrus the Kronos?

Wow, I feel really out of the loop.

Right, a little slower :slight_smile:
Midi is not audio, they are nothing alike. Midi is data, and what you record are instructions on how to play the Kronos, no audio.
When recording Audio, you capture the actual signal and that you can play back. Midi in itself is nothing, it has to be sent to a device (software or hardware) that can generate sounds from the instructions.

When you enable monitor on a track, that means that what the track receives at it’s input, is also directly sent out to the output. That is why you need it enabled when you want to play live and hear what you play. Because you set local to off, that means the keys on your kronos are not actually connected to the kronos sound engine and don’t generate sound. Instead, you now send midi to Cubase, the monitor enabled track sends the midi straight back to the Kronos and that is what generates the sound. This is also true for Audio tracks, when monitor enabled, the input is directly send to the output.

The problem is that both the Kronos and Cubase 6 are very complicated, and both have a lot of functionality. If you are new to both, this can easily be confusing, especially since you have no experience with computer recording to begin with. I have no Kronos (I wish I had one though :sunglasses: ) so I cannot help you with the specifics of operating that, but the general routing and settings in Cubase we should be able to help you with.

It would be nice if you could make a short list of what you connected to what. How did you connect the Kronos to your pc (audio and midi connections), how did you connect your speakers etc.

Thanks Srophoid,
My set up is very simple (as I am), I’ve got a USB connection device set to the Kronos and Cubase devides. The Cubase apparently sees my keyboard (Kronos) as it is recording data, which I can see. My problem lies with getting anything outputted thru the Kronos and producing the playback of what was recoreded (the actual sound).
Actually the more I have been fooling around with Cubase, now I can’t even hear the click track or the pre recorded drum track any more.
And yes, everything is hooked up to a mixer

Sorry I should say USB to USB is how it is connected at this moment .

Ok, I see the Kronos can send and receive 2 channels of Audio over USB.
I take it you connected the Kronos to your mixer using a normal analog output, and I assume that you checked this works. (IE, you can hear sound when you play your Kronos with local ON.)

To record midi: create a midi track, set its input to the Kronos, set channel to ‘all’ (or 0, forgot what it’s called.). Set the output to the Kronos. Enable record on the midi track and hit record on the transport bar and play some notes. You should see the notes you play. Correct?
To play back this midi, simply reposition the cursor and play the recorded part. Cubase should now send the midi back to the Kronos to generate sounds. Correct?

Now we want to record this audio that is generated. See my earlier post about the ASIO driver and VST connections and make sure that is all set. Now create a stereo audio track, set its inputs to the Kronos. Enable record on the track and hit record. While the midi part recorded earlier plays, you should see the generated sound is also recorded in an audio part. Correct?
When this is done, you can mute the midi track and play back the audio track. You can now hear the recorded sound, correct? The midi is no longer necessary because the generated sound is now in Cubase. Playing both the midi and recorded audio will play the sound twice.

Now I don’t know how the routing inside the Kronos works, but I assume that it sends the audio signal to the digital output over USB as well as over the analog output connected to your mixer. If not, you will have to consult the manual for the Kronos on how it’s setup.

Let me know specifically at which step it goes wrong, and we can go from there.

Thanks Strophoid and everyone else. Just back from a business trip and will try this tonight. Hopefully everything works.