Korg Microkey Air with Cubasis on Ipad

Hallo, although the Korg Microkey Air is not in the supported equipment list, maybe it will work since it is also MIDI standard.
Does anyone know that it works or not, or maybe someone can test it?

Hi Danielsan,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that Cubasis LE is available as a free AppStore download.
While the app is aimed to unlock a dedicated feature set via a supported hardware, it offers a thirty minute free demo mode.

In the demo mode you could give it a try to connect the Microkey Air with Cubasis LE via Bluetooth MIDI (see steps below).



  • Please make sure Bluetooth is activated in the iOS and the device settings
  • Tap the “Start Demo” button in the “Cubasis LE Demo” mode pop-up._


  • Tap the “SETUP” button in the top menu bar on the right
  • Go to the “MIDI” section and tap “Host” in the “MIDI over Bluetooth” section
  • In the “Bluetooth MIDI Devices” pop-up: tap the appropriate entry matching your BT device to establish the connection

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,