Korg Nano Kontrol 2 working but also triggers notes

I recently brought a cheap Korg Nano Kontrol 2 midi control surface
to use with cubase 10

although have had a few problems setting it up with Cubase 10 running on Windows 10
I installed the latest drivers downloaded from the Korg Site
I installed the Korg Nano Kontrol Editor which also works with this Korg Range of Control Surfaces

After installed the driver, i had to select which device i wanted to use, from a pop up menu that appears
if you open the driver again

once the correct device is installed
the correct Korg Control Surface will then show not only in Korgs own menu
but also in Cubase’s studio setup menus

I then had a few problems getting the control surface to work, although eventually found out that
the user had to install Mackie Control device drivers inside cubase itself (found in the studio setup menu)

And then, from the Mackie Control menu in the Studio Control
I had to choose the source of the Midi connection In and Out,
and in this case, setting the source to the Korg Nano Kontrol 2

Once that was applied
The control surface finally started to output midi data
and using the Mackie control driver

I am now able to use the control surface using its normal features

The only problem is that when i press the transport controls etc. i also get note on info
so that the transport keys not only work as transport controls

but also output note data
which is a real pain in the arse basically

i note that if i have a track selected in cubase
i.e. with the record button depressed

if i press the transport control, note on, key no, velocity data etc also gets transmitted
which is a real pain

Now, i know from experience that there are all sorts of possible causes for such things to happen
although i have not used Cubase for years, and the last time i used Cuabse was like in 1999.
So i am wondering if anyone can help me by explaining the possible cause for this problem

perhaps its the korg sortware too?
Not sure.
Please help if you can.

just to let you know, i went back to cubase and opened up the Studio setup.
Under the Midi Ports, I simply made sure that Korg NanoKontrol 2 was unchecked midi in the All Midi Inputs Column on the Right
And closed Studio Set Up.

Now, when a midi or virtual instrument track is selected with rec selected
and i used the Transport control, no extra sounds are triggered

I believe the reason is because when it is unchecked in the MIDI port options menu
it means that it wont be one of the input devices included when a Midi instrument is selected with All Midi Inputs is selected

The NanoKontrol 2 still outputs Midi info because Cubase has drivers built in but also because in Studio Setup
under Mackie Control, the Midi input device is selected as Korg Nano Kontrol 2

So now it all makes sense and i don’t get too much info or no output!
Yippee! if only Korg could have written that simple bit of info in the quick start up guide. After all, how many people will be using the device with Cubase 10 and Windows 10? sheeesh! but there ya go. Some of the music companies are getting better, well at least better than when i used to buy hardware pro audio equipment in the early mid 90s

Korg aren’t the worst. I mean i recently brought a cheap berringer audio interface that was in their current range but had no drivers cause they couldn’t be bothered or too tight to pay the money to get someone to write them… i had to send the bad equipment back. But nevermind.
Hope this info helps others who may be searching for the same answer.