Korg Nano kontrol 2

Is it possible to use Korg Nano kontrol 2 with cubasis on Ipad mini?

You can use it to send CC’s for instruments (depending on the individual instruments), but you cannot use it to control the mixer.


@ Andy, thanks for your inside info!

We do not have a Nano kntrol2 at hand for testing. Please contact Korg directly to get information on how to change CC# parameters in combination with an ipad. I figured out on their website that it is coreMIDI compatible but programming only seems to work with software on PC.


@Ricardo - Yes, you have to connect the NanoKontrol to a PC in order to change which CC’s are sent. I had some issues getting the Korg Control Editor software running correctly on my PC due to KORG MIDI Driver :unamused: .
There are also different start up modes for the nanokontrol, which still confuse me and I haven’t got used to it :confused: . see the manual for details of these modes.

All that being said, for the most part, normal start-up and Instruments that support MIDI Learn work fine on Cubasis/iOS through the Camera Connection Kit.

@@@@@@Ricardo - It would be nice if we could use the nanokontrol with the mixer and transport controls :smiley:

Thank you very much Andy and Ricardo for the information. Mixer and MMC function would be a real boon to Cubasis users since no application on IOS has these many DAw operations. Hope Steinberg comes up with some solution. By the way Nanopad 2 and Nanokeys 2 works very well simultaneously.

I refuse to sell my Behringer BCF 2000 in the hope that Cubasis will one day support it :sunglasses: