Korg Nanokontrol not working in 6

Just bought a Nanokontrol. Hooked it up with Logic 9, worked out of the box, no problem. Transport, faders etc all good.

With C6? No chance, have set the transport to MMC and can get that working, but faders? Nope.

Anyone have any ideas? I’ve downloaded a Steinberg folder from Korg, contains a scene set, and an xml file. No idea where these are supposed to go for Cubase, have loaded the scene set file into the Korg Nano editor and sent it to the device. Still no go, and Logic still works as it should. Have read the manual but cannot find any mention of these xml files.

So any help would be useful, seems Cubase after all these years and updates still has a rather clumsy interface, I only use it now when one of my clients brings me a project in Cubase, shame really, but I just get fed up trying to sort out little problems like this.

oh well, not solved, no replies.

(I’m shooting a little in the dark here, but…)
I do have a NanoKontrol, but I am using it purely as a controller, as input to the Generic Remote Device. Your post inspired me download that Steinberg folder, and, from what I can glean from the readme file (I agree, it isn’t the clearest document I have ever seen), I think it is indeed intended to be used in conjunction with the GRD…
It looks like you have already, correctly, imported the Scene Set into the Nano Editor.
For the .xml file, do the following…

  1. In Cubase, go to the Devices menu>Device Setup
  2. Click on the “+” button (Devices, top-left) and add a Generic Remote
  3. At the top-right of the window, “Import”, and navigate to the nanoKONTROL_Template_CUBASE4.xml file, and import it.
  4. Choose the NanoKontrol as the MIDI Input for the GRD.
  5. Click on “Apply”

I think that should be it :slight_smile: (please let us know :wink: )

Have both Nanokontrol and NanoPad working (in Cubase 5 though). The approach to use generic remote is quite useful, but some work you´ll have to do. You can use verious generic remotes, if necessary. Don´t forget to export ther XMLs on finishing configuration.

In the MIDI setup you can rename them to have it a little more clearer.


Hello Dr.Scardo,

I have a Nanokontrol and it does work in Cubase 6 but you have to add it to your configuration under “Device Setup” as a “generic MIDI device”.
Please refer to the “Remote Controller” PDF in the Cubase 6 documentation if you have trouble setting it up. :slight_smile:

I have the same controller so I just watch to find out if I can make it work.