Korg NanoKontrol1 w/Cubase 5 set up woes

Hi folks, I’m having some trouble with the Korg Nano Kontrol 1 in Cubase 5, using a Line6 Toneport UX2 usb audio interface.
My friend gave the nano to me as he no longer needed it. No matter what I do, the software just doesn’t seem to respond to input from the nano. I’ve followed a few different YouTube and web ‘guides’ but to no avail.

So far I’ve done the following:
Installed driver with nano disconnected
Connected nano via usb
restarted pc

installed Korg Kontrol Editor (KKE)
Started KKE - system detects NanoKontrol 1 when starting KKE, opened NanoKontrol1 editor
Assigned individual CC#s to each of the faders, buttons and knobs
Saved settings

Started Cubase 5, opened new empty project, added and labelled 4 audio channels (guitar 1, 2, lead, bass)
Click Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup. Check that nanokontrol midi in and out are active. See img 1)

Click ‘+’ above devices list and select Generic Remote
Select NanoKontrol from drop down menus for MIDI in/out at top of window. In/Out shows as “nanoKontrol 1 Slider/Knob” and “nanoKontrol 1 CTRL” respectively. However on some of the guides I’d seen, they show as just “nanoKontrol” ---- See img 2).

In the top frame:
Edited Control Name fields - Fader 1-9, Pan 1-9, Mute 1-9, Monitor 1-9, Play, Stop, Rew, Fwd, Rec, Punch In
Selected ‘Controller’ in the Device field
Set MIDI channel to 1 for all channels
Set Address fields to match CC#s in KKE

In the bottom frame:
Edited Control Name fields to match those in the top frame
Set the Device fields to VST Mixer for channel faders, buttons, and knobs
Set the Device fields to Transport for play, stop, rec, etc
In Channel Category I selected the corresponding channel to be controlled (guitar 1, 2, lead, bass)
In Value/Action fields, I selected the relevant action for the task, (volume, panner, mute, play etc)

Unused or unassigned controls in the top frame were edited to be named “null” and have the address 64.
Those same controls in the bottom frame were also named “null” and listed as Not Assigned in the Device field.
Clicked Apply then OK.

The MIDI input monitor shows MIDI In activity when using some, but not all of the controls on the nano. Some of the buttons light up and others don’t, and some of the buttons activate different things to what I expected.
I suspect I may have got something wrong in the device setup menu.

What am I missing?
MIDI channels all set to 1?
something else?

Help!? Please?! Cheers

Anyone? Help!

Read this. Hope it helps. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Without your system info there’s not a lot to say. (that device doesn’t support MCU btw, so sming’s article is not of much use.) Did you read the manual for the device? http://i.korg.com/uploads/Support/nanoKONTROL_OM_E2_633664627400740000.pdf

My bad… I missed the OP saying NanoKontrol1. I have the NanoKontrol2 and the link I attached really assisted me to get it working pretty good. Can’t say much more about it though as I wasn’t using it as often as I hoped for. It was disconnected and placed in storage over a year ago.

Regards :sunglasses:

Have you set up inputs F4 if not you are not going to get audio recorded. By the look of your channel names you are not using the midi side of the interface, I could be wrong of course and you are playing midi to simulate these instruments. When you have setup the audio in make sure each track selects the appropriate input in the lh channel set up column. Message if this is not too clear.