Korg NanoPad & Cubase 5

I’ve just obtained a nanopad & plugged it into the USB port. When I fire up NI Battery, I can’t get anything from the pads. The XY controller is making the midi activity meter bounce, but nothing from the pads.
In device setup, the nanopad and my EMU0404 are active.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can get midi through fine from my Jupiter 80 via the EMU’s MIDI ports, but nothing from the pads. Can anyone help?! :confused:

I have one of these, maybe I can help.

Is the Nanopad set as the MIDI input routing in the track’s inspector? Are you using an instrument track or the rack?

Also, make sure that there are samples assigned to the note values you are hitting. In some VST’s the samples are assigned to a certain range that your Nanopad may not be set to. Try using the Scene function in this case.

Many thanks, but the problem is apparently a common problem with the nanopad. The fix is fairly simple. There is a YouTube video which I followed and now my nanopad works great. Here it is…
Hope this helps others! :slight_smile: