Korg odyssey vst

not sure if this is the right place for this question but Ill ask it anyway. I have a korg odyssey plugin, great synthesiser with some amazing sounds. One of the presets (playcode) is using up all of my audio processing. Its maxed out the meters and the sound is dropping out. Ive tweaked everyone of the audio related settings in cubase to get the max performance. Latency monitor says my system is ok. Im using Cubase 11 pro (latest version) There is literally nothing left that I can change. I realise this preset may be particularly complicated but I have a very powerful PC, 12 cores, 64GB RAM and 6TB ssd. Basically I have a song with 2 tracks and its maxed out ! Has anyone had a similar experience with this instrument ?


What about your Buffer Size, please?

see attachments


Can you try to increase the Buffer Size?

It’s already quite high, I know. Obviously Komplete Audio 6 doesn’t have the best driver on the market…

Could you try to disable the ASIO-Guard in Cubase, please?

Its already at the max value, disabling the audio guard makes no difference, Ive already tried that.


Oh, that’s strange. I would expect to have an option of higher Buffer if you have more RAM. I don’t know what does USB Buffer means, could you try to increase this?

Could you try to use ASIO4ALL instead of this driver, please?

usb buffer is also at max value. Will the ASIO4ALL driver work with my Komplete Audio 6 interface ?

I have 64GB of RAM, I guess its the sound interface limitation


Yes, it works with any Audio Device.