Korg Pa3x on Cubase6

Hi all,

I have connected my Korg Pa3x through USB cable to my PC to use Cubase6 Sounds and sequencer’s on top of what I have in my Pa3x.
What is happening now is that I can play with my Pa3x and record in Cubase6 using my pa3x sounds. however the playing and recorded sounds are coming out of my Pa3x not my PC Sound Card (Fast Track Pro)?

and my Cubase6 plug-in’s sounds (HALion Sonic, Mystic & etc.) are only come out from my PC sound card?
This means I cannot have my Pa3x and Cubase plugin sounds playing back same time from a single device (Pa3x or PC Sound Card)… ?

any advice is much appreciated!



Connect Main output of Pa3x to your sond card (Fast Track Pro) audio in. Create an Audio track, route inputs of this track, and press Monitor button in this tracks.

We discussed very similir issue few days ago here. Try to check it.

Thanks Martin! It works very well now :slight_smile: & I found your previous note also you mentioned (https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=26116&p=169029#p169029)…very helpful :slight_smile:

however I didn’t declare an audio track and didn’t do the routing…I just connect the output of my Pa3x to Input of my Sound Card :slight_smile:

btw, do you know if there is any way (any previous discussion?) that I can play any style from my Pa3x keyboard and have it same time all in MIDI format in a Cubase track? or best case have all the base, accompaniment, melody and etc. in separated tracks in Cubase?

Thanks a lot for your help!

You will need to create audio tracks, and record the audio signal from Pa3x anyway, when you will mixdown whole your song. If you will not do this, you will not have signal from your Pa3x in the mixdown.

It looks, your direct monitoring is switch On on your Fast Track, so you can here the sound from the Pa3x directly.

I’m not sure about the MIDI. It depends – can the Pa3x send these MIDI data to the MIDI out? Just try it. :wink: