Korg padkontrol and Cubase 6 Groove Agent One BFD2

Hi everyone, I’m tearing my hair out here. I can’t believe the great Google can’t fix this.

I want to be able to control Groove Agent One in Cubase 6 using a Korg PadKontrol. This should be simple. Using the Korg Librarian, I load Groove Agent, and the pads on the Korg don’t activate the correct pads on the GAO software. Further, every preset kit on GAO changes the MIDI note definitions, such that even if I made a custom map, it would be different when I changed preset kits.

What I want is for the padKontrol to map onto the 16 pads on GAO regardless of which kit I have chosen. Is this possible? How do I do it?

I would also like to do this with BFD2. Same issue.


Hey guys,

I have the same problem: Just recently I bought the Korg padKONTROL and want to use it extensively with Groove Agent One amongst other plugins.

Is there a best practice on how to setup and use padKONTROL with GA and/or Cubase 6.5 in general? Especially the xy-pad seems difficult to assign. Is it best practice to use two quick controls for x- and y-axis?


I’m having the same problem with my Korg padKontrol. Cubase 6.5 won’t recognize the device at all. No Midi signal input at all.

Does anyone know how to configure padKontrol properly for Cubase 6.5.

Also, just downloaded the latest Korg USB/Midi drivers and the Korg config panel identifies the PadKontrol device properly so it is installed correctly as far as Korg are concerned.

Did you get this fixed?
I have the same problem although I have an idea of what it may be. Aparrently, windows will not recognise anything past driver 10 in cubase (or something like that). If you use the korg driver tool you should be able to see what number the padkontrol is installed on and if it’s past 10 chances are you have a number of duplicate entry’s before it, which you can remove with the driver tool…

I’m going to do this once I get round to backing my computer up, as I’m not to happy about removing duplicate drivers without being 100% sure they’re duplicates…
I’m pretty sure this is the problem. I’ve done lots of web searching and this is the only thing I could come up with.

Let me know how you get on or whether you found another solution as you may save me a bit of bother…

This may be related. I have been installing Korg padKontrol on a 64bit PC using Cubase 6.5.
I have not sufficient midi connections so I have connected to the padKontrol via a USB connection.
After I had loaded the Korg files from the CD I connected the USB to the device(padKontrol) It then recognised and downloaded the drivers. I then got the later Drivers from the Korg website to make sure. These are:
Korg USB Midi Driver for Windows - UserMode Driver = Ver
Korg USB Midi Driver for Windows -Kernel Mode Driver = Ver
PadKontrol Editor Librarian Ver 1.01

When I set the connections for 64 bit only I could not get midi to trnsmit both ways.
This was solved by changing the setting to 32 Bit. The drop menues then displayed the full USB options.
Hope that helps:)

Just thought I’d give an update in repects to this just incase someone else has the same issue…

I Did this…

When I reinstalled the driver after deleting the duplicates it reinstalled on driver number 5 and now it works fine…

Hey guys,

now, that we know that there are duplicate driver entries to remove to make padKONTROL work under Windows (I also had to do this), I have a few remaining questions in actually using padKONTROL with Cubase 6.x:

  • How to setup padKONTROL properly in Cubase 6.x? Is it best practice to configure it as a generic controller device?
  • How to use padKONTROL properly with Groove Agend One? One problem is, that GA1 changes note-assignements from kit to kit, but padKONTROL has a fix assignment from pad to midi-note per scene.
  • How to properly setup and use padKONTROLs x/y-pad? Is it best practice to use it via quick-controls? In doing so I noticed some kind of latency when touching the pad. I am especially interested in using the x/y-pad with fabfilter plugins which have specific xy-controllers. Does anyone have experiences in this topic?

Thanks for your advice in advance!