Korg padKontrol - how to get pads configured nicely?

Hey everyone,

Firstly, thanks for any replies this gets.

I recently purchased a Korg padKontrol, I have installed it and have it showing up on cubase. The problem is when I use a VST instrument, for example Groove Agent SE, the pads are mapped in a crazy, illogical way.

For example, I hit padKontrols 13th pad (bottom left), and it plays the 1st pad on Groove Agent. Or when I hit padKontrol’s 1st pad, it plays another pad in the 4th group. All of the pads are like this, mapped across the 3rd, 4th and 5th groups.

So, I was wondering what is the most painless way to assign all the pads (and other features)? If someone has already got a map file for padKontrol they could share with me that’d be fantastic.

Besides this, what are the general guidelines for mapping your controller? Is there a glossary of terms in device manager for mapping a generic remote? Because some of the terms (for example what to select for “value/action”) are a little unclear to me.

Cheers :smiley:

(pics attached)


I would regimens to change padKontrol settings according to Grove Agent. I.e. C1 in the left bottom corner.

Hey Martin,

Thanks for replying. Yes, that is a good shout, and I think in doing that I may have discovered the root of the problem, if not a solution.

Basically, I can use padKontrol’s editor to change the notes as you suggest. However, I can’t have Cubase and the padKontrol editor both open and working at the same time. One will take priority and stop the other one from working.

For example, say I open Cubase first and I can hear some audio (from some of the pads but all assigned in a messy random way), then I use padKontrol’s editor to “load” the correct notes to the pads, and I get an error from the padKontrol saying “transmit scene set failed: midi device not specified” (although it is specified).

Whereas if I load up padKontrol first, I can transmit the notes to the pads so all the notes of the pads (should) be the correct ones, but when I load up Cubase, Cubase doesn’t detect any midi input anymore.

I’m assuming if I find a way to have them both work at the same time, this could be a possible solution. Although I’m not sure how to go about that :confused:


You don’t need keep open both of them. Map it in the editor first. Save it as user preset to the device. Quit editor and open Cubase.

So I tried that out, and it still wasn’t working.

However I did find that if I select which note for each pad on the padKontrol directly (by passing all computer software), I can at least have them match a particular drum-set within Cubase Groove Agent.

However, if I change instrument, then the pads no longer match up (because Cubase doesn’t have the same notes for each pad when you change between drum-sets).

It’ll be kinda tedious to have to keep re-mapping manually on the padKontrol each time I change sound within a VST instrument. Is there any way that Cubase can automatically map things?