Korg Taktile compatability with Native Instruments VST's?

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I have a question.
I am using Cubase Elements 8 and I am thinking to buy Korg Taktile Midi Controller, but I am asking myself will Korg run the Komplete software and other VST’s as well?

How is the mapping ?

Please share if you have any experience with Korg Taktile and Native Instruments.



KORG Taktile seems to be just one of the many common MIDI Controllers. So it will work exactly the same way, as any other MIDI Controller. You cannot expect any dedicated functions, like NI Kontrol S series has.

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I use the Korg Taktile with C 8.5 and it works nicely. It has a built in Cubase configuration to work with Cubase as well. However even though I have Komplete I haven’t tried controlling it with the Taktile, never really needed to

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Question to Dave, what about working with other vst’s? I mean there are a bunch of them or freeware vst’s, is the mapping good enough to work with some random vst?

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It’s a common MIDI controller, so it will work exactly the same as other universal MIDI Controllers. No problem here.