Korg Taktile will not control Cubase 8 under Windows 10

Hi, I was wondering if there is somebody who has the same problem: My brand New Korg Taktile 25 will not Control Cubase 8 under Windows 10. I had installed the korg editor on a Windows 8.1 pc and it runs, even without installing the korg driver. But on my Windows 10 data pc With Cubase 8 pro, it does not. Only the keyboard itself generate note on/off commands but sliders and all the other buttons send improper data. I had Cubase selected on the Taktile.

Sorry for the delay in responding, I just saw this post. I use the Taktile 25 with Cubase 8 and I also have Win 10. To the extent that I use them, the controls on the Taktile work just fine. It only works with the Korg devise driver and the Taktile must be set up in Cubase as a Mackie Control device.

Is the Cubase 7 preset on the Taktile working fine with Cubase 8.5, then?

I am now using Taktile 49 in Windows 10 with Cubase Pro 8.5 and this is my all time favorite controller I have ever used. Are you still having problems I can help you, I hope.

My only issue now is that when I move a fader it also SELECTS the track (I dont want it to do that) and the driver KORG USB driver will not let me “share” the driver between cubase and the editor software. I wish I could use both at same time.